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Wife Got her Moose Tag


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Dec 25, 2000
Well, it appears that my wife's good luck continues. She drew a bull tag in Area 23.
I cost her a good elk last season ( approx. a 330 bull), I convinced her we could do better :( I'll try to be less picky this year on her moose! -memtb
WooHoo, congrats to the wife. I hope she gets the one she is looking for and you supply us with the story and pics.
Where abouts is 23 (I am too lazy to search it out). :D
I wish the best to you on this one. She is one lucky gal.
Way to go to your wife and major congrats on the good luck draws she gets...Hope she scores well.... :D :D :D
Tell your wife congrats on drawing an awesome moose tag, as well as a good number on the buffalo list. I live in the area and know it well and I garantee you are going to have a great time hunting moose here. If you need any help let me know
You are correct sir! It's the Grey's,I got a pretty good one on the Afton side back in '89. I'm hoping she gets a good one. The hide and horns from her first one were stolen. We're hoping for a little better luck this time! memtb
Thanks to all again,on wishing her success. Timberline, thanks for the offer of help. If you hear of any good ones, we'd love to hear about them.
I killed a nice bull(moose) in Willow Creek drainage back in '89, and until we moved a few years back, we hunted the upper end of the Smith's Fork for our deer and elk.-memtb
Hey memtb, whats your email address I'll send you some specific information on where I saw good bull moose last year.
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