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Whats the biggest bull you ever saw ?


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Dec 23, 2000
Elk page has been kinda slow lately, so I was wondering, whats the biggest bull you ever saw (in the wild, alive) ?
I gess the biggest one I ever saw, alive was on vacation with my wife, driving down through the indian reservation in eastern Az. Probably about 330", just standing on the side of the road. I thought it was a fake at first, then it turned and walked off as we passed by it.
How about you ? Tell us about it !
This past elk season I saw the biggest elk in the wild. He ws a monster. There were a group of elk down below me feeding and then they bedded down. They were way out of range, or at least way out of my range. One bull stood out like no other. I attempted to get closer and bridged the gap to about 250 yards. There was a large pine tree blocking any shot I could take. I had to go some more to get a shot at this toad. I was almost to a spot where the tree would not be in my way and a damn cow busted me. They soon became only a memory of the day.

Other than that bull, there have been many pigs on the refuge that I would love to have my cross hairs on. But I don't think that is what you were looking for, even though they are wild and alive. ;)
I couldn't tell. I seen probably 500 in a herd inside of Yellowstone. They were wild in the wild but not really wild. How about this one.

Shot in NM unit 16A green score 421 P&Y
The biggest bull i've seen in the wild is a spike, or possibly a raghorn. Even though I live in WY i don't see very many elk ;)
Biggest one I saw was in the olympic penisual in washington state back in 1979-1980, we were deer hunting and had cow elk tags already filled our bull tags. it was a huge huge non typicle that had palms like a moose on it where the antlers branched in the back. we saw it at about 10 yards in the 4 foot tall ferns right off a old logging road.

the next biggest I would say in AZ about 6-8 years ago fishing bartlett lake (in the desert) probally a 400+ but then againit was a long time ago

Biggest Bull I saw was a 7x7 heading away from me
It was beautiful. I wish I had my camera. At least 54" wide and over 50 on the tines easy
Biggest ever for me was probably 12 years ago or so. My dad and I were scouting, walking an old road back to camp whne we heard a bugle in the draw below us. We worked our way to an opening and there was a bull head on to us at about 250 yards. From the front he looked like just a really wide bull, but then he turned his head and he had beams that seemed to go forever. 6x7, his sixth point on the 7pt side was over a foot, the rest of his tines were pretty much in proportion to that. His antlers seemed too big for his body. I'd guess he would have gone somewhere between 370 and 400 based on my memory of it. It was exactly one week before opening day. I'm pretty sure a guy saw him on opening day as my grandpa ran across a guy dressing out a nice 6x6 but said there was one way bigger in the herd with it, but it wouldn't ever give him a clear shot.
I saw one in Montana this past summer, early june, that at the time would have gone over 350 with no problem at all. Big 6x6, lots of mass. His third tine on his right side went out almost straight to the side off the beam. Saw him a little before dusk while driving down a gravel road, he was probably about 75 yards off the road. I'd have loved to have seen him at the end of the year when he was done growing.
A perfectly typical Idaho 7x7 in a general season unit seen in 2001 and 2002. I'm guessing he'd go 350+. His 5,6,& 7th tines were average, but his front four were very good. Never got close enough to put an arrow in him. He always had cows around that busted me.
T-bone... I know the Canyon ya Saw him in too :D

The Biggest Elk I've saw while hunting would be a 7x6 the Opening day of Montana Elk hunt. There would be a 6x6 with him and a 5x5. We had hiked all morning in the dark to get to a Vantage to find the Elk. Then the next 8.5-9 hours hiking around to set up on him. Just in time for the Wind to turn and Bust us :(

The next biggest elk I've seen while hunting would Net 312 0/8 :D
Largest bull I've ever seen was on the White Mountain reservation last year. We were scouting on the road to Sunrise, for the cow elk hunt with friends and this guy was standing back in the corner of a meadow next to the trees. He was just grazing and ignoring everyone. I would guess his total score at somewhere in the 420s.. He was very heavy in the front with exceptionally long brow tines and heavy antlers that extended well past his ribs. His royals were about 24 inches tall and looked to be about the diameter of my wrist most of the way up. The really impressive points were the Tre's. I would guess they were about 20 inches and curved away from his head and up. There was a visible bald patch on his back where his antlers bumped when he turned his head.
The biggest bull I ever saw was in northern AZ with AZ402. We were scouting an area for my hunt, this bull was big we figured he would go over 370, unfortuantely I never saw him again. I'am more intrigued by the fact that Delw saw a bull near Bartlett Lake,that is just crazy! I can imagine he was a monster since he was obviously lost and in an area that there is not supposed to be any Elk. I wonder if Delw was acctually at Lake Mary and just thought he was at Bartlett! ;)
I saw a couple of big ones this year cow elk hunting. At least 5 of 'em would top 300 and one would go much higher.
I have seen a few good bulls over the years but the one that stands out in my mind the most is when I was a kid scouting with my dad. My mom had drawn on a good elk tag so we spent a lot of time out looking for the 'one'. We spotted him late one night and all I could remember was how light his hide was and not to mention how big his antlers were too. My mom ended up getting that very same bull in the next few days and it grossed somewhere in the 365" range. It was a nice 7x7. My old man had it mounted and was so big it wouldn't fit in their house. They had it put in the local sporting goods store and someone attempted to steal it and it dropped breaking the skull cap. The taxidermist took it back to fix it and we have never seen it since. He claims it was stolen but we know he sold it to make a quick buck. That's what you get when you deal with family I guess. He's still a bastard, nonetheless.

the biggest bull i have ever seen in the wild was in unit 9 in arizona on the south rim.. it was a 7 by 7 i had a 300 yard shot at him so i took it and hit hin right in the chest with my 25-06 and that elk ran up strait up the hill down the back side and gone . found a blood trail but it petered out , i looked for that elk for days but never found him i think he would score in the 360-390 class easy. and that was when i found out that a 25-06 will not do the job that i want so i baught a 338 wm and that does the job every single time now
Biggest one I ever saw would score 530-598 easy. I shot him in the ass with my 416 Rigby. That's the day I found out the 416 Rigby will not do the job for me, so I now have a 50BMG. Blows'em right down.

It seems the ones that get away are always the biggest ones. It's not until you tape them that you really know.
Greeny, Aren't 530" bulls around every corner in Montana like 400" bulls in AZ ?!?! Tell me something that will impress me :D :D

I agree on the "TAPE" thing. It's like someone saying that a bull is a 350 Class bull and then you ask how they got to that and they say... It is just big !!! Someone that knows will tell you about the Main beam length. the G# length and the width. or there so Roughly. But what do I know, I shoot spikes :D
Biggest one I ever saw scored 384. I patterned him while I was scouting for Rocky Mtn Sheep in CO. I had a sheep permit and my hunting buddy had a muzzleloader elk permit. The seasons started the same day. I got a sheep the first day and my buddy got the bull the second day. That was in 1981. Not a bad hunt! :D
So were you useing solids in that .416, or soft points ? The .416 rigby is a marginal elk cartridge, but if you use explosive bullets, and always aim for the ass, it will drop em most of the time. You probably missed & hit him in the nuts. Montana bulls have small, worthless nuts, and don't really care if you blow them off.

Sorry to here about your hog Larry. A 25-06 ?

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