What do you think of this shot?

Nut, I was only 10 feet off the ground. The shot was off because of the whap you hear is my string hitting my sleeve. Once in a while I make a rookie move too... First time in a while i didnt get it where i wanted it.
Looked like it was a good hit to me. Looks slightly quartering away so probably double lunged her. Cool video too.
Looks like you probably got the back part of the lungs, which because of the smaller blood vessels there can take a bit longer to be fatal, and/or the liver which bleeds out pretty quick. That's my diagnosis. ;)
Looked like a lung/liver shot to me...deadly pass through either way. Great vid schmalts when you got to her what was the arrow path?
That is friggin awesome vid. :cool: Nice pass through. How far did she go before falling over? Looked like a good hit just a bit back?
I hope you find her. It makes me nervous, always though. The arrow didn't look real red at all. Its hard to see it much, but it went through and is laying on the ground. If its not bloody, woah, problems.

I can't wait for part 2 now. Neat video.
I say you don't find her...... Nothing against your Shot, But that's hunting sometimes.

HEY, if you do get her, make sure you're wearing your hat for the extra points for a great doe kill ;)
Originally posted by Tom:
I hope you find her. It makes me nervous, always though. The arrow didn't look real red at all. Its hard to see it much, but it went through and is laying on the ground. If its not bloody, woah, problems.

I can't wait for part 2 now. Neat video.
Toms on the right track. First...The arrow was covered in dark blood, dripping actually. This is the biggest mystery to me, ther was blood finally 80 yards from the shot, and it was very little at that for 20 yards, and then nothing.... ever .. I did not find this deer. We spent 4 hours with lanterns that night, and i looked half the next day without finding one drop after. I made large loops looking for the thing but this area was surrounded by thick aspen new growth. Without a blood trail to tell me any clue of her direction it opens up a huge area to cover. I have had liver shots (most likely this was by the dark blood) go as far as 3/4 mile in the past. Usually they bleed a little and once they fill up inside they start to dribble a lot before pileing up. My only guess is this missed the lungs and caught the front edge of the liver, and she being a fat ass doe plugged up with fat. I know she is dead, but it perplexes me that she left no trail. She must have went a ways because i didnt even get help from nearby crows.
I hated to even post this video but felt it was an interesting video at best, and to see what you all thought of the shot. My first impression was just like Tom's , so i gave her 45 minutes before looking. I reviewed the shot in the stand right after the shot and wasnt worried because i figured "hey, its a liver, and dead" but still confused on the lack of blood.
One more possibilty, i am using up a supply of rocky mountain Revolution broadheads on doe because i DO NOT LIKE THEM!I dont trust them on anything else. I wonder if this expandable did not deploy until it hit the dirt. That would explain a lot if this was the case. This is the first deer i lost since i shoulder shot one 7 years ago. shouldnt have happened. To be on the safe side i am pitching out the rest of those broadheads and going with the Rockets i use on elk. If you saw the high resoulution master of this video you can see there is no open red wound on the impact site, just a dark spot. Now on Millers Bear video even with all the hair you actually see a red spot or spray of blood, nothing like that on this shot.
Opinion?? lets here them. surprised?
BTW, Moosie knew the outcome ;)

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I've never used that brand of expandable, but I haven't seen anything but decent results of using them on whitetails. However, because of Mr. Murphy, my dad and I both of went back to Muzzy's. Just more reliable.

With the lack of blood, I'm wondering if the arrow missed all large blood vessels? Of course, your fat plugging scenario is a possibility, but with two holes I'd think there'd a been a goodly amount of blood lost at the shot...hmmm
It happened to me once. I put an arrow to high. I think it was between the lungs and the spine and didn't hit any major vessels or anything like that. The deer just ran off, my mouth dropped, and there was not much blood on the arrow even. I searched all over and never found it. Not much blood, it was probably inside though, and that could be where it was, if and when it died. I'm hoping it lived, but I don't know.

You've got such good video of it, maybe a deer anatomy professor type could figure out what else was possibly hit. I'm going to ask somebody here about the liver. Don't some people get parts of their liver taken out and they live? I know we need the liver, but do we need the whole thing?

Its great you posted the video, its great material.

I'm hesitant on using expandables, just one more thing that can go wrong. I got some a few years ago, but I haven't used them and don't really plan on it. I'm a sucker for a bargain and they were on sale. Plus, I sharpen my blades just about every chance I get, so they cut on impact and all the way through or in, whatever happens.

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