Well it finally happened!!


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Dec 25, 2000
After 16 years of applying, I just found out a few minutes ago that I drew a Big Horn Sheep permit. Now the work begins as I have only 4 months to get this 50 year old body into some kind of shape!! It may be a bigger challenge than the hunt itself! - memtb :D :D :D
Way to go membt-

I am sure you had to reread the letter several times after seeing 15 unsuccessful letters in a row. Hopefully I can draw sheep tag while I am still young enough to get up the mountain.

Make sure you keep us updated as you scout and hunt.
I.... I.... I....I/m so HAPPY (YET ENVIOUS) of ya !!!!!

CONGATS on the success.... GOOD luck on the hunt and good luck getting into shape :eek: /.... ;)
Somebody shake that boy and wake him up. He must be sleeping. There are no such thing as Sheep Tags. THey are just a PR gag that the Game and Squish put out to make people think they have a chance.. If they were real, I would have drawn one in the 15 or so years that I've been trying. ..... ....

Hope you guys all recognize sour grapes when you see them................

Congrats Big Guy.. Now get off your butt and start running and climbing and remember to eat nothing buy carrots and celery. Lots of salads.... No coffee, no sugar, no greasy food. All that stuff you do the get in shape.


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Way to go! I'm envious, but shouldn't be since I've only been applying for three years.

Congrats memtb! Glad that someone got drawn. Now the workouts begin. I am going to get a state refund once again for moose and sheep.
We won't find out until I think next month weather we are successful or not.... :D
Hey Guys; Thanks for your support! It's going to be tough to really get into shape. I work a 7on/7off shift, with the work days at 16hrs.(counting travel time).Plus a lot of days off will be ruined(by work), two plant turn-arounds and a start-up of a new plant(addition). But, I'am just a "pup"(50 this year), and getting in shape will be a cakewalk - Yeh Right!!!-memtb :D

I'm on year 8 of sheep applications. What did you do different this year? Make a sacrifice to the sheep gods by breaking a rifle stock? Donate $ to FNAWS? Pay off the Fish & Game commissioner?

Tell me what worked so I can be so fortunate.

Hunt hard and make it count.


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