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Utard looking for Out-of-State Connections


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Feb 26, 2022
The title pretty much says it all. To learn about my particular brand of stupidity, look no further than the story of my sheep hunt this year:

I won't claim to be a good hunter, but I love it, I work hard at it, and I'm trying to improve. Here are some of my particular interests right now:
  1. Wyoming bighorn sheep ewe - I'd like to find a resident guide who would be willing to accompany me into the wilderness if I happen to draw the unit 7 hunt.
  2. Montana unlimited sheep - The hope is to give it a solid few years of effort and see what I can learn. I'm leaning toward Unit 303, but I've got a few more months to make a decision. It would be great to find someone to compare notes, scout, and/or hunt with.
  3. Colorado cow moose - I should have enough points for this soon, but I'm not very interested in tackling a moose hunt alone. I'd be interested in tagging along on one of these to learn and help pack meat if you or someone you know has a tag.
  4. Wyoming doe deer/pronghorn or cow elk - always on the lookout for a good opportunity.
  5. Wyoming buck pronghorn - trying to settle on a unit that can be drawn somewhat regularly.
  6. Nevada - Hoping to draw a desert sheep ewe tag one day. I have max points for it (though my odds of drawing are still terrible).
  7. Others - I apply for almost everything in Nevada, and Wyoming. I've been building points for deer, elk and pronghorn in Colorado for awhile now, but I haven't entirely figured out what I'm going to do with them. I also apply for various other hunts here and there, depending on what seems to make sense.
About me:

I'm a single, late-20s guy working in a demanding professional career. I'm in decent shape; I definitely have some room for improvement, but I can do 5 to 10 mile days in moderate terrain.

I tend to get along well with folks who are older than me. Some of my main hunting buddies now are guys in their 50s and 60s. A lot of them are slowing down, and not really interested in more intense hunting. Most of my friends my age don't have the time/money/freedom right now to go on longer trips, so I've often found myself alone lately. I'm not on any social media and not a fan of that culture. I hunt for the love of doing it, the places it takes me, and the lessons it teaches me.

How I hunt:

I started bowhunting last year, but most of my out-of-state hunting will probably be with a rifle for the next little while.

Most of my hunting happens out of a motel or roadside camp. I've never done backpack-style backcountry hunting before, but I'm trying to work my way into it this year. I've started equipping myself and I'm well on the way to what I think is a solid setup.

I have an average mid-sized truck. No ATVs or other motorized toys. Typically, I just walk from the main roads.

I have a slight hand/body tremor that limits my ability to hold a rifle steady. I have to keep my shots within +/- 300 yards. My effective range with a bow right now is about 40 yards.

I try to hold myself to a high ethical standard. I place a high emphasis on safety, obeying the law, and respecting the animals.

Final thoughts:

Feel free to send me a message if it sounds like I might be someone you'd like to hunt with. You're also welcome to reach out if you have questions about Utah hunts or applications - I'm happy to share what I know. I'm also willing to meet up on Utah hunts to glass or help pack meat if my schedule allows.

Thanks! It's great to be on here. Best of luck to you in 2024.
Let me know what you draw. I’m always willing to hunt, even if I don’t have a tag.
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