Welcome LRM


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Jan 12, 2003
Boise Idaho
LRM, welcome to Hunt Talk, glad you stoped by and hope you stay and shair some stories with all of us. This is a good board with many good folks to visit with.

Ditto ditto ditto

I'm siked, or is that sick or maybe phscyo...

ahhhh heck... I'm happy!


Crow Woman

Awwwwwww u've made me feel so special. Thank you. It's nice to find a place where people welcome you, your stories and your thoughts. Nice to have a place to be able to share and hopefully learn a thing or two.

Making friends and reading about others experiences and dreams, sure is a nice change from the "a*% kickin" life seems to be shelling out to me right now.
Peace and great hunting to all!
What up girl, we seem to be missing each other. I sure miss my porkchop and them kids.
If you need to talk call me Sis. Remember there is no perfect life, just life. Live it the best you can. Love life its the greatest gift we ever get.

later Sis
Thanks Sly
We'll do some serious chattin after the wedding. Not anything that can't wait and now just isn't the time. Next week after the aftermath and things have a chance of simmering down for you we'll landline. You always told me don't sweat the small stuff, well nothin lately has been small bro.
On another note. When dad and Charlie get there give them both a BIG squeeeeze for me. Take lots of pics and get a video of this please. I would so love to see this event! Thanks D we'll talk just not now. P-Jon
Hey LRM... anytime you want to drop an email and vent, you just go ahead and vent. Anytime you want to tell me some good things that I can hold over your brothers head, just drop me a line... smiles

[email protected]

It IS really nice to have you here!

Crow Woman
I'm pretty sure I just vented myself,dad blasted oatmeal does it everytime!

LRM will not be telling stories on her far smarter and better lookin Big brother, we don't want to open up any cans of rotten beans here for the next generation of spectaters, do we now sister??? think, think you may need me someday,,, realy you might, Ok probly not but what if??

hmmm... girls like chocolate...

LRM... I'm sending you a box of chocolate dipped naked men

Is that enough to make you talk

Crow Woman
I wanna be first,I wanna be first,can I jump in the chocolate first
No raisens in the choclate seldom,, Ha,,,,,,,LMAO


D*#n that was good, fast thinkin to.

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You should see me with a gun

I said the same thing one time to a buddies mother after I soaked her while hosing off a dead hog we were butchering-she ran in the house!
LRM, Welcome to Hunttalk... Pretty soon it will be your turn to step up to the fire and tell a story.. Preferrably one of those stories that Sly says you aren't going to tell and we shouldn't ask for... So..

Sly, You know we wouldn't be bugging your sister if you hadn't brought it up.. well maybe not...anyway...