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Weekend Warrior: The Smart Ass Elk Hunting Buddy

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000
This clip sums it up:

This is the elk being shot on the clip. The smart ass is the guy on the left.


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That is a good clip. Nothing like having your hunting buddy give you shit while you are trying to shoot something.

Way to go Warrior.

Only took a couple of minutes to download for me. Hell, the porn I download takes twice that long.

BTW, I think you need a camera that has some lag time between the remote button and the camera going off. haha.... Or maybe Warrior is getting ready to flip a coin.

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Awesome! All of those video clips are cool as snot! Hope you get some time to put some more up to see. That one with the prarie dogs is just plain wrong... and I mean that in the best way.
No that bull took a hurting! Congrats! I'm definitely gonna start toting my video camera, those clips rock.
Man what a great clip, WW cracks me up. He's fricken jokin as your shootin..! Thanks for a good laugh. One question, How close did you want to get to that bull man? Good lord you could have taken him with a bow it looked like! That bull didn't even know you were there. Thats just amazing. If you have more video clips I'd love to see them. YOu guys should video all your hunts. I'll bet people would pay good money to see the monsters you guys get. Thanks again
MAYBE Greenhorn should have added the 2nd part were the BIG bull on the SIDE was dazed and Confused he could have taken also..

WHAT I like about the video is Greeny took a shot then he is looking for his Shell casings.... then takes another shot, Looks around again.... And Mike is Cracking jokes in the background....... THOSE boys can be out eating a sandwitch and Playing the Drums butt nekkid in a open field with Sirens going off and un unloaded gun and Still wack big chit.....

ALSO notice the PACK that fool is wearing.. I've picked up that pack, I think he carries DUMBELLS in the pack with him at all times... I'm guessing they are only 10 miles back in also....
Moosie thanks for the details, I noticed that too. That he keeps looking for his shells. I was thinking, you know I reload my shells to but if I'm shooting at a damn big critter. I don't worry about the brass. and you know Moosie, Greeny probably does keep dumbells in his pack. He probably works out once he gets his 15 miles back in.. you know just so he doesn't get out of shape..

Greenhorn, Tell us more about this hunt. What year? What gun? How many bulls did you pass on to get him? you know everything.. Plus we want more video!! Thanks
I went Scouting with Greeny last year and After we were back in about 7 miles.. HE stopped took off his pack and layed down... I was thinknig "WHAT A PUSSY"... untill he did 100 situps and put hiss PAck back on... I was thinking the whole time he stopped to rest.... What a basterd eh ?
Moosie you are so full of shit.

I shot that elk with a 300 Remington Magnum. It was 10 miles from the trailhead and that one came out without horses. The very 1st shot isn't on tape. WW was playing with himself and missed it. It was on opening day of rifle season in 1999, and is the 2nd bull I've shot with a rifle. I passed up a few other bulls that morning, one mature 6 point that had a broken main beam above his 4th tine on one side.
That thing took 2 close range rounds from a 300 Ultra Mag and still wanted to get up! WOW! Congrats again.

Thanks for the details. Thats pretty wild that bull soaked up all those shots, they're tough critters. Great hunt it sounds pretty amazing. Thanks again
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