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We got MORE BEAR PIC's..


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
WELL.. Not yet, But I have a roll of film to be picked up in about 15 mins !!!! I can't wait.

WE set the camera up again yesterday when We got there. Dang 2 Cub's and MOM came in.. got good footage, Will pull pictures off the vid later and Have the other pics up soon... It was like a strobe light going off.. I had to say .. WORK IT !!! WORK IT !!!! and the cub did all kind of stuff !!

I did a taste test on BUD and BUD LIGHT for the bears... Is it considered contribution to minors if you give Bear cubs Beer ?!?!?
wink.gif are a few... WE (I.E> Elkturd) brought up the wrong film after We (I.E> ME) forgot to bring up the good film I jsut bought.. So the first set suck and you can't see much. .We're still trying to figure out the bears and sort out how many we have.. But here are a few ...




THEN there was the bears that came in last night.. MOM and 2 cubs... THE one was the aggressive cub that came in.

Anyways.. here are a few pics.. here is the guy that just came running up :


Then he wanted to show us how Ugly he was so we wouldn't shoot him .....

HOLD yer Shit Elkgunner

here is the Bear surveying the beer....


Here is the bear deciding Bud Light is the way to go !!!


I'm setting a trail timer on Site "HB" tonight and running groceries in, then off to Site "C" with the trail camera and gonig solo to boot !!!! SHood I bring a gun or jsut the bow ?
Right on, cubs are good humour to watch. Easy on the photos though, most models eventually sleep with their photographer. Getting them drunk first... oh yeah, I read about you - you don't go there just for the hunting, do ya?
THE top 2 pictures are the SAME bear. Look at the angle difference and the hair.. Funny eh?

LOL MntBOY !!!!!
Good pictures.... And to think, just a few years back some people in Idaho wanted to ban bear bating.... If they knew how much fun the bears had, eatin' and drinkin'.....

I think you should stick with the bow on site C. For Site S, I would suggest the rifle. (Or maybe the 12 guage, like you took up on that Sheep hunt...
) I still need to post that "adventure".
HAHA !! not only will I get a call for Sodimizing deer.. now I'll get in trouble for giving little bears drinks

Elkgunner... I wrote something for you called "SOMETIMES" in the fireside
Damn I'm slow, there were no pic's when I started writing my last post...when I posted it there were 6 pics and 3 replies...those are awesome pics!!

No wonder you're not shooting any bears, those HUGE ugly RATS are eating all your bait
Now I know why I don't read Fireside. Not anything there that is nearly as entertaining as my posts in "Exotics/Hogs"....

You should take some shampoo in for that one bear, and get him cleaned up. He is kind of a sick looking guy...

And on site S, the marshemellows were all gone.....
You're welcome to it, bro!...but you could shoot a bullet into Idaho from where I hunt...and they don't DRINK Bud here, they SMOKE it!~~~

I stuck this over here, so no need to detract all your well wishers on the SSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE thread.

UPS will be delivering a trail cam in 2-3 days express. That $80 idea of yours cost way more than that....

The UPS guy must love me this week. New Raft from Colorado being delivered, Digital cameras from Calif, life jacket and collapsible sink for the Hells Canyon float, and now the trail camera..... I am as bad as you are with your Alaska purchases....

What did you want, one for the front end of the bear and one for the back end???

Hell yes I am cheap... That is why I live in the trailer that I do...

And now we can get one camera to take all the pictures of the Sow and Cub that attacked you, after ol' ElkShit kills Blondie.....
I'll tell him you're goingto kick his ASS !!! We're scanning in the picture of Blondie and will be up in a bit... I bet you wanted to sleep

I was just thinknig about having a camera at site "S" too

And I've seen your Trailer you live in, If thats a trailer, My house is a cardboard box, I hear that JR simplot's house on the HILL is jsut a scaled down version of your house. you're the only one I know with 25' Catheal ceilings !!
It is not a "Cat heal" ceiling.... It is actually a flat ceiling.... And I think Blondie is gonna look good up there...

You checking S on the way?

Tell ElkShit good luck...
And wake me up if you need help packing it out of there...

You s'pose Blondie weighs more or less than Dolly?

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