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May 16, 2004
Hey hunters and fisherman,

If you would like to learn more about how to get paid to hunt and fish, feel free to request more information and I will get right back with you.

We pay cash for submitted pictures, stories and videos that we use in our monthly full color magazine, monthly hunting DVD and our show on the Sportsman Channel.
We get the Outdoors Channel here. Hunting and Fishing Shows mostly. I don't think it's the same as the Sportsman Channel.
Nut, thanks for the website. Hadn't heard of it before.
I had a guide license for a while.A large portion of the test was law.
I think you need to check not only your state and local laws but federal ones also.
Profit from game in any form has all kind of rules and license requirements.And they are not the same every where on the local ones.
Don't just check one source. State game and fish may say your legal, but USFS may hang you.It also depends on where in each step this occurs, as to what license you may need.
Don't get your self in trouble check the laws.The penalty's can be exceedingly stiff for only small infractions because of minimum sentencing.
I am betting this is some kinda scam. or at the very least some middle man that wants to try to get his own tv show going.

He never left a website tv show name or any info other than a hotmail account never left a magizine name either. anyone who is reputable in the tv or magizine industry would leave alot more info.

Oh yeah I think this was posted last year or a few months ago also.

Magazines and some writters will buy outdoor pitchers. They got to get them somewhere. How many times have you seen the same pitcher in 2 or three different magazine articles?
Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the responses. For all the skeptics out there, no this is not a scam.
The name of our business is Huntn Biz. We are one of the newest Hunting/Fishing publications on the market. We have been in business since July of 2003.
The Business in a nutshell....
1. Full color, monthly hunting and fishing magazine.
A. We pay $10-$250 for stories/pics to
2. Monthly hunting/fishing DVD
A. We pay $120 per edited minute of video,
all video is pulled from subscribers.
3. Weekly cable show on the Sportsman Channel
A. Sunday 4:00pm (MST)
Monday 9:00am (MST)
Wednesday 11:00pm (MST)
Friday 8:00am (MST)
Saturday 12:30am (MST)
B. We pay $60 per edited minute of for all
video that is put on the cable show.
4. Release of new Huntn Biz online catalog on
Saturday May 22, 2004 with over 60,000 items
and many, many hunts available.

There is the Huntn Biz website at www.huntn.biz,
there are two short video presentations for everyone to see. Watch these and then you can decide if this is for you. You can also check out the Sportsman Channel website at www.thesportsmanchannel.com and look under:
Channel Info
Program Guide
Hunt'n With Hunt'n Biz

Take some time and see what this is all about.

Thanks for your time
how bout pictures of me drinking beer? are they worth anything?...i may even have some of me throwing-up.
I Still think its a
scam sorry.

I did a search on yahoo there was 461 sites found. Only 2 were Huntn Biz ,. there website is http://www.huntn.biz/ there is no mention of what you can make or the offer you made on this board on that site. :rolleyes:

looking at all the differnt links there are www.getpaidtohuntandfish.com

and many more.

these websites had how to make the money. Hunt'n Biz did not.

So My guess since you left a hotmail account for an email is that you are a middle middle man trying to make a name for your self and a few bucks along the way. Using Hunt'n Biz name.

I mean if you were really from Hunt'n Biz you would have left contact info.

Not only that but you see alot of these hunters trust people, they send you there email(thinking they will get there video on tv) and BAM Spam
Heaven. you sell email address's and other personal info to make a few bucks that way also.

Tick Tick Tap tap
Set the hook.


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