Wa state permit for late whitetail Okanogan

I drew hunt # 1029 its a whitetail rut tag 11/1-11/18 in units 218-242 up near Winthrop Wa.
I mulie hunt up there and know it pretty well but would not be to awfully upset taking a nice whitetail if I do not score a good mulie from the 16-29 Oct.
I hunted the Winthrop area one time back in the early 90's. Hunted up just north of town. We were hunting Mullies and thats all we saw. Sorry couldn't help ya.

Hey Mad in the Loup Loup area and the Beaver Creek part of the Methow wildlife areas we seen quite a few Whitetails in there but they are down low.The Mulies run the ridge tops and the RAT deer are down low.