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WA permits are out

We got them in Yakima county. Me and one cousin got ours in the goose prairie unit and the other one got his in unit 342. All three of us cousins got drawn last year and we all scored, it was a good year. where are you from.
I am from Olympia. We usually hunt elk in the Quinault area.
Got drawn for the rut hunt there this year.
Spotted Owl - It is a great hunt and is my ONLY choice...I would rather gain points then hunt an unfamiliar unit.

I drew a tag for this hunt 7 years ago (wasn't AHE then) and shot a good 5x5. I knew 2 of the other 4 that were drawn so we had fun. You can bet I am aiming higher, or smaller and closer to the road...Ha ha..

What part of the unit did your brother hunt?

Your up pretty late, so I'll let ya know.
He shot it near Big Creek on the 4th day.
I'm pretty sure you know where thats at.
I'll try to send you a picture of the record
bull shot last year. Its a monster. I asked
afew who score b/c, and they guessed 320-330.
I envy you. With you being familair with
that unit, you'll have alot of opportunites
to score on a big one. Good luck! If you want
to talk more about last years hunt, I could
hook you up with my brother on the phone.
Let me know if I can help.

Big Creek is probably the best place in the whole unit for a monster..I know it well, and I know that the actual "Big Creek Island is now private property. What a bummer!

Was your brother above or below the island? I shot my permit bull just below Big Creek on what we call "Cow Island"..

I would love to see pics of last years bulls.

Your right about the private property issue.
Theres alittle story that goes with that, but maybe I'll share that at another time.
My floppy of the elk pics are at work, so
I'll try to send them Mon.

My brother drew the advanced hunter hunt on
the Quinault last season. What a hunt it was.
He shot a heavy 5pt and another guy shot
what I beleive to be a record book bull.
Way to go on the draw, that hunt was my first
I would love to hear your version of the "property issue" story.

Lutz & Carlson are sewing up the whole valley...

Anyway...looking forward to seeing some pics..

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