Unit 75/751


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Oct 8, 2019
Not looking for honey holes, buuuuuut... Just kidding, I know those posts are annoying, and I know that you should take any hunting specific info that you find on an internet forum with a grain of salt!

I will be heading to 75/751 for the 3rd season. I have done months of research, spoke to local biologists, and have pretty much gotten my game plan together. Any last things that I could be overlooking that are specific to the unit? This is geared more towards access issues, possible road closures, etc. that could be overlooked by someone not familiar with the area. I think I have done about all of the planning and research that I could possibly do, but maybe some familiar with the area could point out something that I could be overlooking or things that deserve extra consideration for this specific unit, aside from the obvious "be sure to stay off of rez land"?