Unit 6a NM Hunt Report


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Apr 22, 2021
Just getting back to the real world, and wanted to post a report from our recent hunt. I struck out on the draw for my usual unit 13, and with the ever increasing price of tags, decided to try a new unit for muzzleloader season. After an exhaustive search for a good unit that didn't break the bank, we decided on 6a. We scouted in late August to get a feel for the unit, and spent a few days on the ground before the season started trying a few new areas. 2 of our buddies packed into the wilderness to scout for 3 days, and saw 18 bulls. Thanks to member "Crimeny" for pointing me in another direction for scouting. While we found some bulls before the season, opening day the areas were buzzing with people and zero elk...nothing vocal either. That being said, unit 6C was going nuts, with bulls screaming everywhere just next door, while very little was happening in 6a. We had to pull an audible and move to other hunting areas and were fortunate enough to find some bulls that were more responsive. We hunted hard and were able to connect on 2 nice 6x6 bulls, both shot at 350 yards with muzzleloaders. We had a rough pack out in some steep and thick country, but well worth the effort. Many thanks to "Crimeny" for the help and hospitality. This is a beautiful unit with what seemed like a lot of hunters, but there were some bulls if you got off the beaten path. Already looking forward to next year.


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