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Trail Cam Question

Here's a cheap one, Stealth Cam. Cabelas' has it $10 off right now. $69. ommon%2Fcatalog%2Fpod-link.jhtml.1_A&_DAV=search

What do you think of that? Its flash and film, but the digital infared ones are way more expensive.

They used cameras for that world record whitetail from Iowa last year, maybe the articles or book about it say what kind they were using. I heard the book is really good, as good as the buck, but I haven't read it yet.
Yep.....Stealth cam is the way to go !! I have many nice pics taken from them........their directions can sometimes be a little vague to some, and takes them a little while to get the hang of things.......there are many helpful "tips" on stealth cams on several message won't be dissapointed for the price.......I now have two, and plan on getting two more...