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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well we went back to the place we were at two weeks ago. We tied the horses up and hit the timber to have a look. It was loaded with elk sign. Saw several sets of bear tracks and a rather large pile of fresh bear chit. When we stepped out of timber, the view was out of this world. Well dummy me left the camera in the saddlebags so no picture for you. MEATHEAD will get to see it first hand in Sept. Anyway, here is the timber we decided to hike through.


Then we hopped on the horses and went farther. Elk, deer and moose tracks the entire way on the trail as well as bear tracks in a few places. We went to the other side of the meadow and part way up and decided it was time to turn around. Here is the last meadow we came to and then turned around.

Very nice pictures Bill, I wish I was there with ya. I would have followed them bear tracks until I found the bear then kicked his ass!!
LOL......The creek that we follow up there is full of little trout. Just on the other side of the tree on the left side of the bottom picture is a nice little hole that had several trout swimming about.

Is that country as flat as it looks? Do the Elk you have over there have all there legs the same length?

It sure seems that all the Elk I chase over here have one side of their legs much shorter, as they always seem to be on the sides of much steeper country?

That is pretty country over there, and it looks like a nice day to be out in it.
LOL Gunner. Not exactly as flat as it looks. Just happened to be in some big open basins. There is a lot of good country over here that is basicly flat like this though and I hunt a lot of it. Once you get up in a lot of the mountains around here, a lot of nice rolly country can be found. The timbered areas here are quite frankly very thick and nasty, even if they are not on a steep hillside.

TK, next time we go up there we are going to ty the fisherwoosie routine. Maybe the stream is small and the fish too, but they would make for a tassy meal.
Nice pics, but I don't think it would be good if you followed their routine, we won't see any pics of your exploits and no proof of all the huge ones that got away!!!

In the bottom picture the south facing slope to the left is almost straight up. The timbered north facing slope is a gradual climb through a mess of deadfall. There is another trail that cut off the trail we were on, so we will hit that one the next time we are up there.
Bill if you keep on showing me all these pics I should know this area prettty good. Can't wait to see it in preson. Sure looks good.I may not bring home a Elk, but I'll have some great pics for a life time from the looks of these pics.
Martin, the view to the west from the edge of the timber is out of this world. The view from the far side of the bottom picture is another site to behold.
We couldn't stop and take many pics yesterday because of the friggin mosquitos, deer flies and horse flies. The top pic is from two weeks ago and the bottom pic is because we needed to make a pit stop.

TK, he comes through for us sometimes.
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