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TO good to be true ?!?!?!!


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Check out this link... Brownbear hunt opening at $1,400 ?!?!? HUMMmmm

ANYONE have feedback ?

*EDIT*... I just looked at it closer, Just becasue The minimunm BID is made, Doesn't mean that if no-one else bids that you will have it... KIND of a bummer .. eh ? You still have to meet the outfitters Minimum price which isn't posted.

Isn't E-bay a bit different ? If you meet the minimum bid, whoever ha the last bid get's it ? *END EDIT*
Oscar, too bad about the small print but if all you had to pay was $1400 for a brownie hunt I would pay it (if I was a non-res).

It gets you up here to hunt, and it gives you a chance at a brownie without having to mortgage the house to do it.

Down side is that I'm sure there alot of "extra" cost that they arent telling, the chance at a book bear would probably be mighty slim (although still there) since they wouldnt be making alot of money on this deal.
SO... I felt like SEEING how this workied And tried to get HIGH bid on all the hunts.... HAHA... HERE's the message I got..

Bid Freeze
You are already the high bidder on another guide auction with dates that overlap the dates of this hunt.You cannot bid on 2 guide auctions with overlapping hunt dates

Thats kinda neat !!!!! Watches out for me... ALTHOUGH when I pressed the high bidon the first 3 hutns.. It should have said ////

"HIGH BID Rejected due to a potential ASS KICKING from your WIFE !!!!!!!!!"
Damn, I seen the subject title and thought maybe for a second that ithaca got trampled death by some cows while trying to plant seed for his birds along a reparion area. But then again,I geuss that would be to good to be true....HA
I think I wouldnt take any of those hunts.. due to the fact that you are going to get what you pay for.. if they take you 1800 bucks for a brown bear hunt your not going to get a good brown bear hunt....
I dont think they would work 1/2 as hard for you knowing that you paid almost nothing for it...
OFcource knowing what it cost to run a hunt and seeing the bids I had to dig around and find this outfitter and see what a "broker" than me outfitter looks like. This is what his cost and price page had to say.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> It is a known fact that the base price for any Alaska hunt is simply that, a base price, for everyone finds out sooner or later that other expenses do accumulate, and are often substantial. License fees, tags, and transportation cost to Alaska, and then in, and out of the bush are to be considered, as well as meat, and trophy processing. Outfitters that act as if they are doing you a favor by not charging you in state transportation, are just taking advantage of the mis-informed hunter. We all have to make up for this cost, whether we add it into a hunt, or not, no one is flying for free in this country. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I always thought it was a good thing when I put all the cost down on paper for my hunters so there would be no susprises, maybe I have it wrong and should just spring this on them at the last minute. Happy hunting, Casey
BTW His base price for a browny hunt is $8,000 but he says to expect to spend around $12,000-15,000 for the hunt by the time you are done with expenses.

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I would pay that just to see moosie get his butt kicked by his wife.
Hey Gato,stop stalking my dreams . LOL

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Hi all

My name is Rob Taylor. I own I came on to this thread after seeing this link in my site stats.

For starters, I want to than Moosie for opening this thread. All of your feedback has been awesome.

It is safe to assume that the starting bid is far below the actual cost of the hunt.
The bidding is set low to get people to start bidding.

Also, we try to make every guide auction as researchable as possible. We provide the link to the guide and we also give his contact information so you can gain confidence in the guide and the hunt.
The next hunts posted to the site will have even more information like success rates and
likelyhood of killing a trophy. We also are going to raise the opening bid to a higher percentage. I completely understand the "too good to be true" comments but if people are serious about booking a hunt they will research the guide and make a determination whether or not to bid.

Thanks for all your feedback. I will be checking this thread for more questions and you can also contact me at [email protected]

Thanks again!

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Isnt it amazing who comes in and looks at this site??? Sometimes, you post on something (complain) just to let off a little steam or about an auction that you saw(above example) and the person you are talking about comes on and posts a response. That just goes to show you this site is more popular and read than most people think. This is a very powerful site with opinions that obviously matter to others outside of this site. Just wanted to state an observation.

Now a question for Rob Taylor. What can someone expect to pay for a total package hunt through one of your auctions?? Just curious. Is it the stated 12-15K like posted above??

ROB, Welcome Aboard MATE !!!! I understand the Opening bid lower then the expected one, BUT why not let us BID on several even thought the bid is Overlapping. I'm guesing If I won a bid for one and happened to win a bid for the Other, I pay both bids (Being obligated), Go on the Better deal, and HAck one of them, THE guide gets his Money, YOU get your MOney, The guide has open dates, not filled and Refilled maybe With another call-in client.. And Everyone is Happy :D :D I can see maybe a WARNING, but not to let someone bid ? I didn't like that.... JUSt my .10 worth, my .02 is free...
Besides Most likely I'll get one and not the other but it limits me.....

Although Saving me from a GOOD ASS Kicking from the WIFE might have been good

YOU got a goo think going, I'm guessing it will get lots of Use, There are several hunts I'd like to go on,just need the Time and MONEY (I.E> WIFES PERMISSION) to go on them ;)

Thanx for stoppnig by and I'm guessing you'll see more bids from me on your site
HELL, I don't even know what I bid for..... :eek: :eek:
Hi LilKipper

That's a question a lot more people have asked me than I have expected them to.
I have addressed it here on my site

It depends on the animal and where the hunt is. It is also going depend on bidding interest. I can tell you for a fact that none of the guide auctions on our site have a minimum price of 12 to 15K. Someone could win one of these hunts for much less than that even on the most expensive hunts.

I hope that answers your question. Unfortunately, I cannot give you specifics.
All I can say is if you are serious about going on one of hunts, bid small and keep placing lazy bids (which are in $25.00 increments) until you hit the minimum price or you are at a number that is no more than you want to spend.

One other thing, just because your bid has not reached the minimum does not mean you will not get the hunt. If you have the high bid when the hunt ends you may find the guide will take you on the hunt if your bid is close.
For example, you may bid $4,000.00 and the minimum price set by the guide may be $4,200.00. He may accept your bid when the auction ends since you are so close and you still get the hunt.

Thanks for your time and your feedback.
I hope I helped answer your questions. I will keep checking in here for more great conversation.
Hey Rob.....why don't you throw in a hunt for the good memebers of this know, in appreciation for the free advertising...........Moosie could hold the drawing....kinda like B'cat did for the hunt raffle that was could be fun ;)
Hi all

Major change at
After speaking with several of our users and some of our guides we have discontinued the minimum bid on our hunts. All hunts now open at the minimum bid. That means all bids are winning bids at least until someone out bids you.

For those of you who have been curious as to what these hunts are selling for, you now know. If you feel the price is right and you are still looking for a hunt this fall, take a shot at it. We have some nice hunts. I would love to see a couple of them go.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Rob Taylor
WELL..... I think I like that...... I wonder what happens if No-one bids on a hunt ? Does it just end with no bids ?

5k for a brown bear.. THAT sounds like a steal, even the 7.2k. I'll have to do some thinking now :D :D :D

1k for a 'lope hunt. That sounds fair too ?!?!? DAM.. NOW I have to open the Wallet .. EH ?

THANX for the E-mail ROB Your Phone will ring here in a min :D :D
Moosie......your either a fool or an old lady if you pay $1000 for a lope hunt......get your ass out and hunt!!! :mad:
Actually from some of the SD prices I have $1,000.00 is a great deal. Plus we are kicking in $50.00 so you may get it for under a grand

Moosie, As a matter of fact you couldn't pay me 1K to hunt for a lope in SD. I hope you draw MT. You'll see some lunkers when you come up in a week.

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