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The Ultimate Guided Hunt!

SOME day you'll learn it's ALL about what I want... not her ;)

Besides, I was just playing a card. My guess was I'd look cool becasue I said I got his BAck... But realistically he'll say no so I won't look like I wussed out....

LIKE at the Office, It's not what ya know, It's how ya Present it ;)
LOL, that site is too funny, I noticed it is colorado maybe me and shaky could hook up and do this after out hunts are over. Anyways did this hunt before a while back, not this actual one but had a buddy back in Flawwwwwda and he did reposessions and bounty hunting so I got to go along but did not actually "guard the back door" I sat in the vehicle 25-50 yards away making sure if they escaped out the back etc I'd see them. Now getting the cars/trucks was more fun but just as dangerous.
Moosie, he is going to take you up on that and you will be the wuss and/or your wife will read this and beat your ass and you will be a wuss :D :D :D :D

Sounds good to me, I can go along,,,,,,,,and drive the truck, lol.


P.S. Moosie can walk, he is young,
Yep them's colorado tags.

Now ya find me out.

Book a trip I need the money.

I won't say here its the "whole" enchilada.

But you will eat a bunch. Plenty mescan restaraunts. I prefer thos stacked enchiladas myself. New Mexico style.

Book a hunt...Ya won't be sorry.

Ollin Magnetic Digiscoping Systems

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