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Dec 9, 2000
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Worth it or not ?
BC, asked me to clean up his lightwork while he was away from the Shire! :D

Who's it written by?

If the guy's first name starts w/ the letter M! Or has a last name that ends w/ the letter N!! It ain't worth the "bling" of shipping it to the house. :D

Boy, you really were serious about this being the year, weren't you??? :confused:


Hell, just shoot one, and if he ain't big enough, throw em' back. By the time you reach #4 or 5, call it good! :D
Moosie, go for it but only if you are an "Associate Member". Just be sure to take it along with you in the field and pull it out of that huge pack you carry and when you see that dandy B&C buck running away like no one's business, you could look back and say, "Yep, that was definitely a 190 class buck but this photo says it should be a 200 incher!" I bet Mike Eastman carries this same book in his pack! ;)
I've got my first mule deer photo on!!!!! :D

The buck in the spotting scope lens is my photo.
Field judge him moosie. ;)

No, the book isn't really what you want though.

You'll know when the buck is big enough and most likely you wont have time enough to jack around and score him unless you've looked at a hell of alot of bucks. You would get more experience going over to the winter range and looking at a bunch of bucks over a weekend with someone who knows how to do it really good. What about the past pres of the DHI?
That's funny. Hard to tell from the photo but looks like another Dink to me. LOL!
Moosie, I would save your money. The only thing you need to become good at field judging is experience. You have to look at a lot of racks and it don't hurt to put the tape on every rack and shed you can get your hands on.
I've got my first mule deer photo on!!!!!
Is that your Little buck in the Scope on the Cover, How nice :D


OSOK, "Boy, you really were serious about this being the year, weren't you???" Well, Yes and NO, My big Bucks from the Pasts are all "Dinks". Unlike some others, I'm woody material on a Standard 24" 4x, And I don't need a Book to tell me I'm happy with a Buck. I've shot plenty of Fork's in my life I'm hapy with too :D :D

I've also Tried the Catch and Release meathod. Last year I shot a 4x and radioed Wylee. He asked how big it was. I told him I'm not sure and It might be a Forked horn. We've hiked a Forked horn out 5.2 miles out before, He told me if it doesn't have at least 4 points To tell him I couldn't find it ;)

WileC, I will carry 16 books in my pack this year instead of the Dutch oven packs I usually pack. That wil be lighter. I have a Funny story I'll tell ya when I get some Time about looking in a Set of Regs for a Black bear V's a Brown.

BuckSpy, Don't 200" bcks usually hang around the Roads in CO ? HUmmmm Thats what I thought. What are you talking about I won't have enough time ?!?!?! I do know Guys that know how to Hudge Deer. I'm "STIMULATING TOPIC" as upper management would call it. Thanx for the help
In the Past we've always Took out anything legal we saw. This year We want a Little Bit-O-BONE.

BCBOY, Took your Advice by measureing up Racks and My wife Kicked my Square in the Nuts when I did that to her Sister... BUt I'll work on it ;)
Moosie, I think you would probably get more and better info from Kurt Darners book on Mule Deer Hunting.

Dgibson.. Thats my Problem, It's like lunch Today, Sure I know that if I don't eat a Fatty Big mac I'll eventually get skinny, But It's hard not to Drive there and get one... (So I am going to

Seeing a "DECENT" buck or "WOODY" buck which isn't B&C material is just like that Burger, I know I shouldn't take it. I want something better and can only get it if I PASS on it but I still enjoy it.

I think it's all a Process. There are Definately people that are alot Further then me in the Process (Guys that shoot 170+ or nothing) and other people aren't up to it (If it's Brown it's down). By this I mean look at the Buck I shot last year :


To the Average hunter, and guys I hunt with or know would say thats a "GOOD" buck. I look at it thinking I'm Happy I shot it, But it's not "THE" buck.

Many a Hunters here (Speaking for Local general hunters) Drop hammers on forked horns ever year and Only shoot a Buck like that 1 in 10 years.. maybe. So, I should feel great about it and Not think Twice about it. That being said, I'm fairly confident I can Find a Buck around that size fairly easy(er) now with my last few years history so I shouldn't shoot it and Hold out. Not that I don't like deer meat but to be honest, It's more about the Bone the meat (No one tell my wife, she still thinks I hunt for meat ;) )

So.... To Answer your question. "I FUGGIN Don't know if I can Wait !!!!" :D :D
Sounds to me like you need to take the generalistic approach. You don't need a precise field estimate to know whether a buck is as good or better than last year's. If you get to the point where you're consistently seeing book-quality bucks, then you can buy the book and be choosy about the score. You're trying to make the leap directly from Big Mac to prime'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you sample the Angus burger, ribeye, and t-bone in between. ;)

In other words, you shouldn't worry about precise field measurement right now...just look for big and bigger. :D
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