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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
As of Friday there were nearly 600 additonal cow elk tags available for area #79 in Grand Teton Park. There were 685 tags available and I was only the 85th person to buy one. They are a good deal for the non-res hunter at $150 if anyone is interested. This could also prove a very benificial way of learning a little about the area for futer hunts. This is where the migration hunts are at that everyone hears about.
You do need to have a Hunter Safety card with you in order to hunt in area#79 as well as Pepper Spray.
Elkhunter, aside from the non-resident $150 cow tag, what is the non-resident hunting license cost??

Grand Teton Park isn't that far from me.

Thnks. L.W.
The regular price for a non-res is about $400. These no-res tags are $150 plus a conservation stamp. This brings your total to $160 for a non-res elk hunt.
Total $160
The season is something like Oct 19th to Dec. 5th.
I will get my regs out later and get the exact dates for you. If you are interested, all you need to do is fill out an application for area 79 type 6 send in the $150 in the form of a money order or cashiers check. Or you can send me a check and the app and I can go in and pick it up for you.
Ok thanks elkhunter I will talk it over with april.. cant get ahold of TNCTCB yet....
This would be a nice group hunt to go on.. Kind of a small hunt talk get together hunt. Althoug since it's only cow I dont' know how many takers there would be.. I wouldn't mind getting together with a few guys to get a cow? Anyone interested? I've got a 14x16 outfitter tent..No horsies though...
I am thinking about it... and one pointer and his dad will be there for another hunt... elkhunter is going to be there... I might take my daughter.....

The hunttalk bear hunt comes first for me, After I know I can make that trip then the cow hunt would be ok... Plus a tuna trip in sept...

I will keep you informed
Elkhunter, thanks for the info. $160 net net for a cow elk is a bargain. Cow elk, well taken care of, is fine eats! As the old saying goes, "Big horns make mighty thin soup."

That area is no more than 350 miles from me: an easy drive. In fact, I've hunted elk on the Idaho side not far from that general area, just south and west of the S.W. corner of Yellowstone Park.

I imagine there is a web site for Wyoming F&G. Anyone know it??

Might be fun to meet a few hunters there and camp. I'll be hunting elk/deer here in Idaho, until about end of first week of Nov.

Applications may be downloaded from the Wyoming Game & Fish site

The season is from October19 - December 8

When filling out the application it is area #79 type 6

No personal checks will be accepted

Money orders & cashier's checks only

$150 for elk tag
$10 for Conservation stamp

Stamp may be purchased at a later date, once you arrive

Park permit required

No handguns permitted in Teton Park

Legal firearms include rifles with a barrel bore diameter of .23 caliber that fire a cartridge that is two inches in lenght or more.

Must have in possession a hunter safety certificate.

Pepper spray
That's the tag I got!!!! If anyone wants to show me how to hunt elk, I'll pack yours out!! No kidding. I have to give monster kudos to elkhunter for helping me out with the apps. I get a four day holiday for Turkey day so I'll probably be spending it chasing elk in WY if I haven't gotten lucky by then. Plus, if we can get a group there are some pretty good honky-tonks to have fun in!!;)

Bill- Sorry I didn't get to make it up there this summer, but things have gotten way hectic around here with school and buying a house.
LEANWOLF.. If you want to head that way, I would be willing to Carpool :D :D

LEmme know, I;'m up for a quick hunt :D :D

Just lemme know soon. I need to fit it in...

ELKY, DO we need to talk to get this lined up ?!?!?!?!
geeze elky.. If I go one one more trip ghostrider will have me stuffed.BUT its only two hours away.. this might be fun.. when do u think u might be going november?? after the good snow??
Roper, MAybe we could hook up for this hunt.... Rumor has it you have a horse or two :D :D

After hunting Idaho for Deer/elk and Montanna for Deer and ELK.... WOuld be nice to sit on a horse for a change ;) That will get me into shape for Sitting for Duck hunting :eek:
Oscar, you sit all day at work and post here, so sitting for ducks should be a breeze.

Most of you will have a 4 day weekend at Turkey Time. That may be a good time frame to try for a Hunt Talk cow elk gathering. ;)
moosie I think i can find one or two around somewhere
I`m booked through oct :confused: and I have to get the ponys veted to take them into wyo.. might can do though
So, do I have this right. If apps are due by Jan 31 then this hunt is for 2003? If this is for 2002 anyone from CA wanna carpool. Rick, Anaconda, Bigtusker, Trophykiller. or anyone else?

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