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Swarovski NL pure

No problem with 10x42 Pure's shake...a little trick I picked up is using my cap bill to stabilize the barrels. Have the pricey little FRP but not really liking it's harness pouch compatibility.

Have 8x42 SLC HD also that are so very optically and ergonomically friendly.
I use my hat bill too and prop my elbows on my bino harness. I think its just a high class problem because the clarity and details are so good.
When I looked through my buddies 12x42 pures I thought they were great for the broken timber sage/burned terrain I like to hunt. I'd pick them for my style of hunting out west over the 10's. We had animals 200yards-2 miles away. On the tripod I could make out elk and could tell if they had head gear or not from over a mile away with near 0 eyestrain. I'd likely never take the spotter out of the truck if I got a pair of the 12's, or at least only hunt with one if I had a hunting partner to break the weight up. I was surprised how compact and light they were for that magnification. I spotted a bull against dark timber ~800 yards away and thought it was a cow through my bushnells. If my buddy wasn't there with his Pures I probably would of kept walking.
It all makes sense now :ROFLMAO:
Maybe some day I’ll get my OnlyFans rolling for the women who love husky bearded men in Carhartt vests and stormy kromers, but in the meantime I still love my 10x42 SLCs.
It’s not the ladies that will be your demographic…
This is my fear. The thought of all those Deliverance types watching.....
I found a set of new 12x42 NL Pures in the box with case candy for like $2600 online, but the seller was in France. It triggered my scam radar.
I got 10s for that price from Midway USA. They were a demo pair, but perfect condition.
I've bought some fine glass from Midway demo over the years.
Makes you wonder, how does a strictly mail order shop get demos?
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