NL Pure Vs EL Experiences

Buy once cry once
Just be prepared for how expensive life gets post NL Pures.

I could find animals this weekend with my Pures 2 miles away, but couldn’t see if it was a buck or doe. Pulled out the spotter (which is why I was carrying it) and couldn’t even find the animals.

That rising optics tide doesn’t raise all boats, it calls into question the quality of the other boats…
My 12 NLs never cease to amaze me. I bought them because I wanted them, not really expecting a big upgrade from my 10x42 ELs. I was wrong. They were better in every way, especially sharpness of image and ergonomics. They also replaced my 10-15 Duovids. Blow them out of the water.

At close to 2.5 miles, the NLs allowed me to find and clearly identify a desert sheep ram I lost track of for 3 very long days which led to me bringing him home with me. No other binocular could have done that. They are priceless to me.

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