Sunburn, rattlesnakes, and elk.


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Nov 22, 2018
On July 27th I was lucky enough to pick up a Nevada FCFS archery cow elk tag. With FCFS you got to be quick to the draw, so when the tag showed up I clicked on it only knowing the species. I kinda freaked out since I didn’t know the weapon, unit, or season. Well it turned out it was archery hunt and I already had so time off and it is close to my archery mule deer unit. I picked out some spots to go to mainly focusing on water. I arrived late in the night Friday so Saturday was my first day hunting. I had an area that had 2 guzzlers somewhat close. Well wouldn’t you know it the 2 gluzzers were for small game. I checked out some more areas and found nothing but horse, horses, and more horses.

At this point I’m not having a lot of faith in the hunt. I decided to go to a different unit where my tag is valid but I didn’t have any offline maps downloaded. I had to run to the nearest town and wait for the maps to download. The town I was in was only 40 minutes from my “new” spot.
First morning was a bust, I went to a spot that was way too thick so glassing was unproductive. That afternoon I went high up on the mountain. The north facing slope looked awesome and there was a nice little saddle that lead right to a guzzler. While I was walking around the ridge line I came across a very grumpy rattlesnake. It started rattling when I was still about 30’ away. I went around him then got closest enough for a photo then left the area. That evening glassing session only turned up moo moo cows. That night I tried to move to a different part of but the road got too rough. On Monday I kinda made it to the spot I wanted to try. I couldn’t make it down road so I parked .4 miles and down a steep hill.

Monday afternoon the wind was blowing the wrong way to hunt a spring that I wanted to sit. Si I went over the ridge to the south east. 3 spike bulls came out and I watched them until they fed out of sight. It was still a little daylight left when I packed up and headed out. When I got to spring I saw the big bull and cow feeding on grass around the spring. I ran out of cover at 247 yards. It kept getting darker and they kept feeding. I was behind a service berry so I shook the crap out of to get them to move but not see me.
I was worried about spooking stuff going in the dark so I waited until midday yesterday. The wind was still wrong but I made a makeshift blind downwind of the spring. About 1900 I look down the road and a lone cow was walking up the road. She went right to water and it was all over at 43 yards. I walked up on her a couple minutes past 2000 and I got the second load to the truck at 0250.
Time to get her in the freezer and head out on my deer hunt!


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Great start to an exciting season for you. Congratulations! Hunting in Nevada is a special experience. Good luck on your deer hunts—I’m really looking forward to seeing what you turn up.
Congrats man! Pretty sure my wife had a muzzy cow tag up there. Where they still rounding up horses while you were up there?
Yea They were all over the place, glad to see some of them go. She ended up turning her tag in so we could focus on my Bull tag up in 091.