Story of wife's Valle Vidal Bull


Oct 20, 2004
New Mexico
Here is the story of the bull I posted pictures of a few days ago. Sound familiar to any married hunters?

There seems to be 2 versions of this hunt, mine and my bride's:
The part we agree on is that opening morning we rode about 3 miles to our hunt area (we didn't even start riding until it was light out!). We stopped near an area I had seen bulls in previous years and got off the horses to explore. We heard some bugles as we started hiking and this is where our stories differ:

MY VERSION: We walked briskly at a pace appropriate to intercepting the herd. Yes, there was a slight incline not unlike a hilly park.
HER VERSION: We RAN up a MOUNTAIN for 1 1/2 miles.

Once again we agree for a moment...the initial herd we were following didn't work out. We had a opportunity at a small bull which she passed. Other bulls were bugling so we followed them. I blew a cow call, got an immediate reply, closed the gap and when he bugled again he was close! AT this point we again digress:

MY VERSION: With incredible, almost superhuman patience I gently point out that a large bull elk is about ready to crawl into her pocket and that if it's not too much trouble she should get her gun ready to shoot. Kindly aim at that gap the cow elk just walked through and when the bull follows (in the next few seconds) I, as a loving caring husband will blow on my cow-call, stop the bull and allow you to carefully place a accurate shot.
HER VERSION: I believe her exact words were that I was "snippy", somehow "hissing" at her "shoot"! Clearly my bride suffered some sort of altitude-related,oxygen-deprivation induced pychosis. We are praying for her rapid recovery, at least in time for next years hunt!


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
LOL zia. :D :D They never seem to remember anything the way it really happens. :D Thanks for sharing this with us.


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Apr 5, 2001
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I don't know zia...looks like we might have to turn to your son for the REAL story on this one
;) Thats good stuff and thanks again for sharing!