Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Was a short night with little sleep.. but also a short track this morning... Add #5 bear to the list !!!!! Not my Grand-poo-pa, but I'm happy with my first Bow kill bear !!!!! And yes JB Florida, a bit bigger then a placemat

Story and Pictures probably tomorrow.. Or today if I get a chance...

I learned just how big my balls were walking in front of a Sow and cub
Fortunatley I didn'thave to Shoot her when she charged me...Not that I had anything but my bow... BUT tht my friend, is part of the story
Right on, hombre! Any bear with your bow is better than me... (bow or bust this year)

Sleepless night... the beer worked on the bears?...guess you look good with thick enough beer goggles on... (hope you were on top this time)

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I feel your pain..... That Moosie sure is a lucky guy.... He goes out one time this spring, and stumbles across a bear, trips over a tree root, and sticks it with his fingernail clippers...

Hey Moosie, Congrats............... And I guess all I can say is.....
I am glad I didn't have to help you pack the damn thing......

I guess we will will all have to acknowledge that Moosie is a Master Baiter second to none...
I hope you left the gut pile close to the bait site....
Hey, hey, way to go Moosie.

I'll be waiting for the story and pictures. No BS now. Just the plain and simple truth will do.

Moosie went bear hunting and tripped and killed one with fingernail clippers and a bow?? Sounds like a fantastic story. I can hardly wait...

OK without the benefit of any facts, here is Moosie's story...

From the dilapidated halls of a run down innercity hospital in Lubbock, TX, Lil' Oscar rose from his humble beginnings to become known as the Master Baiter..... At about age 13, he started dreaming of becoming the MB'er he is now.

Fast Forward to Spring 2003, and we find Lil' Oscar still practicing his craft, as a MB'er. Like a scene from American Pie, he soon finds that baked goods work well for his passions. And he goes through many garbage can loads of day old bread, twinkies, and fruit pies. For some reason, he always determines the little donuts (the ones with the tiny holes in them) work best for his MB'ing...

to be continued.....
Elkgunner.. I got the little one out of the way.. There is Grand POO-PA in there .. I have his picture.. Twice the size of mine !!

And the MOMA bear.. OHHH chit, She's a toad, but has a COOL little cub with her all black, She's blond too, Mine was a Browner one.. I think they are all color phases thee ? HArd to find a Black one
.... And Mine has a BIG White patch on it's chest, Seems to run it the Family too ?!?!?

You're only problem is you're in Japan and Elkturd is here....
I'll let you two wrestle it out
I did check on site "S" and bait it... BUT there was 3 rigs in there I saw and not alot of the Stumps were moved ?!?! I think there is alot of feeding going on in that area... Roumor has it GAto knows aa good spot, But roumor has it Site "C" will work too

It is A TRUE blond, (The one coming in) right down to the Pupic hair, with a Mask of Black. ELkTurd saw the Photo's from the Trail Cam!!! I'll scan in the AM.

Anyways, I'll have the Pictures in the Morning with the Video of it coming in... Need to get some stuff done (I.E. SLEEP
You big tease..... That is not fair showing ElkTurd the picture, and not me...

Tell ElkTurd he better get it killed soon, as I am back in town on Thursday, and then I like my chances.... Kind of like Rock-Paper-Scissors, my Rifle always beats his long bow...

How many bears are in there?
THANX for the KUDOS guys, The bow did it's job.. and WELL !!

ELKGUNENR, WELL... I only know of 3 (BIG BLOND, MOM and little cubby... But I did Reset the Camera... WHY don't you order that Cabelas ONE of have it Overnighted to my officeso you can get a preview

The camera was Going .. CLICK CLICK CLICK !! And 24 rolls were shot up in 10-15 mins or so... So I'm not sure what came in after that
We ned to get one that will limit the Picture taking to 1 picture every 10 mins or so ? Or no more then 1 every 5 mins at least.... Not all the bait was gone so I don't know... I did PAck 2 FULL bags of bread back in there, Quite the HIKE, I think I had a cold, I was getting tiered
I do know that they like Sheep and were looking for more. MAybe we'll need to do a 4-h Project this fall ..HEhe

Well.. I'll be on tonight, Need ta run, Pictures in the Morning, HAVE to wait, Sorry
Well, congrats again....

And I thought maybe S would be a bit crowded, soon...with other baiters... May have already lost the window. Did you set the Timer up there?

And the camera is still at C?

Does the $80 Cabelas model have the time delay, to limit the pictures?
So, the betting wars have started for the bear!!! Twenty-five cents! $#*^@ Moosie, can I have a reciept for that????
My wife will want to see what I spend all my errr her money on!

If Moosie wants to hold my hand and lead me to a bear, I guess I will let him! Wednesday Moosie? Tell the wife that I will be hiking all over the hills looking for the bait site without you!!!

There, that will work!
And bigger than a placemat is just BONUS!
I love it when a plan comes together

That timer thing for the camera, Jessies webpage has directions to build one.
I never did it because I always used that camera on deer trails and we do not bait in bammy.....(we just plant

If you can solder, you could add it in???
comon with the story!
ALRIGHT.. I have the Scanner and the Camcorder Reciever at the office.. BUT since the Bear is cut up and hide in the Freezer I'll share it...

Location : BAit Site "C"
TIME 9:00ish
Hunting : Solo
Weapon : PSE Compound 78# draw

I headed up to the Site after Ditching work early, I had hunted the Day Prior With Elkturd and Site "A" and se saw MOM and 2 cubs come in, I was gonig to scare one of the Cubs off by Shooting a can with my BOW but it was So cold I couldn't pull it back.. MAde me worry about following days... (But no worries I guess)

As I was driving up, I stopped by Site "S" to bait it and put up a timer, We have narrowed the Sites down to the BEST 3 starting with around 6 sites. there is 3 of us activly baiting.

As I was driving to Site "C" I saw a Turkey TOM cross the road.. I debated on going after it but I finally did, I figured I could still get to the site early enough. I chased the bird a ways and Realised it was Futil not knowing exactly were it was going, And I had Bigger Fish to fry !!!!

I unloaded the BOAT and in the Back of the Truck was a Chipmunk. I video taped him for a min then Lifted the Boat out and Loaded it on the River. (We're 600 Miles from NO-WERE so don't try to figure out the location

I loaded 2 game bags of bread and all my gear and Headed up the mountain. The few Guys that have been in there know how Steep it is, Not that I'm bragging but Roumor has it Baiters are slackers and I jsut wanted to make that point !!!

After Getting to the Stand I realized Bears have been doing a # on the site, We had all the Bait gone and THEY Started Digging a hole to look for more. Good sign !!! So I dumped all the Groceries and Climbed in to the Stand. It has been a long season and I've been out alot and Lacknig the Sleep so MY eyes were a bit heavy. I looked around for Awhile and then Finally out of NO-WHERE.... the bear.

I didn't have the Camcorder stand set up like I do on Site "A" so I had to hold it. So the delema was to video the bear or Shooit it. I opted to Get some Footage. I only filmed about 2 mins of it before I set the Camcorder down and Got the bow ready. I wasn't wearing a Face guard not Any gloves. But was Still as a rock and my heart wasn't beating out of my chest yet.

The bear Caught wind of Something and Was out bolted and covered about 10 yards in One leap.. a blink of an eye. It stopped, Looked around, Sniffed the air and Came back in... I wa Ready. The stand sits on the Downhill side And I'm about 20' In the air but Looking into the hillside so the site is about even with me (If that makes sense). the bear stopped just behind the one tree left to go And I drew Back, It was Sniffing the Air and I let her rip..... She jumped and Ran back the way she came, stopped, And DID what I thought was a Teeter totter then Ran off... My heart sunk. WHY wouldn't it just Drop, the shot was Only 10 yards...

I climbed out of the Tree real fast with nothin gbut the Bow and a Release. I headed down and Around trying to get a glimpse of the bear hoping that it stopped and FELL and would come rolling down the hill. I sneaked around and Heard some noise.,.. GOOD sign I thought !!!! As I snuck around more I looked up the risge about 250 yards and there it was... so I thought. I kept my eye on it thinking it would stumble.

It disapeared a bit and now I was worried, WHAT the hell jsut happened ?!?! I snuck up the HILL and got to the spot were I saw the bear last, Time was ticking and the light was Fading. I crept around some Bushes and A cub SHOT up this TREE to my Right !!! SCRATCH SCRATCH.. as it climbed up... OHHH chit, were is mom ? HEre she is !!! Both front paws came out and she lifted her front end with her middle. both PAWS hit the Ground at the Same time and WHOOOF WHOOF !!!! HEre she comes in for a Moosie Snack.. She bluffed charged me and I stuck my ground, NOT that I'm a tough guy, But I had no other option really ?~?~ WELL She backed off and bluffed again.. At this point I thought, YOU big PUSS, BRING IT ON !! She backed off and went next to a lowered tree looking at her cub to my Right..

NOW, I'm thinking.. DID I shoot the MOM ? I know for a fact that the bear that came in was Alone. I filmed it and watched it for a bit before I shot it. MOM also looked twice the part that The one I shot was... Could be looking that was becuase It wsa Close and FAST.. who knows...

I stayed ground watching mom untill it GOT too dark to SEE. She faded in and Out and then I lost her.. TIME to RUN !! Turned around and Ran down the ridge to the Stand. I was just passing the Bait site WHEN this red light came on.... CLICK, FLASH !!! I was on Candid camera, I jsut got a picture of me coming into the baitsite , DANG trail cams

I looked at the stand and were I shot at, THERE was the Arrow, full blood and RED. burried 1/2 way into the ground. I knew that when I released I heard a THHHHWACK !!! And that was proof...

I busted down the hill crossing the River in the Boat in PITCH BLACK... I got into on corner that has Cell phone receptinon and called the Wife.. She made a post last night around 10:30 for Gato to call.. DID anyone catch that ?!?! After He called she deleted the post.... The internet is jsut cool.

Well Gato's said that I should look for it in the Morning that it would be piled up right there, I called Wylee and he said he couldn't go till 8, had some work to do first.. And So the plan wa to come up alone....

(ANYONE STILL READING.. Cuz I'm still typing )

I got back into cell range around 11:30PM. My cell rang and it was Wylee.. He was heading into the Office to get the Plotting done and said he had about 1.5 hours of work and Would then meet me at 6:30 at our usual spot. HOW COOL !!!! I got home and Got everyhting ready.. I was out in my truck and Came back inside and Little Zach had Thrown up and was in the Restroom with mom cleaning him up and crying.. He had a belly ache and We cleaned him up, Cleaned up the Mess, Pulled out the Shampooer and Cleaned the Carpets..... NOW, the time is 1:10, everything packed, Time for bed !!

5:30 came quick with me getting up 2 times thinknig of things I needed... BUT I was on the road.

SO, WHAT happened ? WHY was the MOM there ? was that the One I shot ? DID I pull and miss the easy bear shot ? What if it ran off in the Thick stuff ? What if the Trail'
s not good ?!?!

I'm sure anyone that left a critter in the Hills had the Same sick feeling I had wondering about all the Possibilities !!! WELL , this morning I slipped up there with Wylee and We only tracked about 8 mins when He said, THERE IT IS !!!! I was at the time under a bush looknig for the blood trail, He was scouting ahead for me. I had walked riht under it but seeing the bear up on the hill it distracted me so I was Focussing on the other one... I now realise that MOM and cub were 2 different bears !!!!

Took a few pictures and HEre we are !! Everything Except the pictures, those will get posted in the AM

She was a Female, I'm guessing at least 2 years old *SMILE* and I'm not sure of the weight but size doesn't matter (thats what Us little bear shooters always say at least !!)

That is just cruel.....

Great story Moosie, and that site is anything but easy to get too, being the 600 miles or so from no where.... And although baiting sounds easy, it is actually one of the more challenging ways of hunting. Lots of work, time, and $$$.

Can't wait for the pictures, including the one of you coming into the baitsite. If you were grabbing one of the doughnuts, I am gonna die laughing.....
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