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Spike buck question.


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
We actually have a special season for them and does after the general deer season.

What do people do with spike whitetail bucks where you're at?

The last I heard, even if a spike buck grows up for several years, they're not real good. A smaller percentage of them get 8+ pts and even if they do, the mass of their rack is like half that of a young fork horn buck grown to the same age. Kerrville Wildlife Management area is supposed to be doing a study where they study the droubt effects on this earlier result they had though. I don't know anything yet on those results.
we shoot them if there legal. Some areas are 3pt or bigger and some areas are any buck so if its a spike and he walks out hes dead.
don't see many spikes her anymore but we let them go for a couple years then if they look like they won't grow up we cull them
I get what I get and don't worry about anything but is it leagal..It puts meat in the frez and let's me go chase other things.... :D
Your my kind of hunter Elkchsr.

What I mean by that is you and I think a like about hunting, I didn't mean I was interested in you in any unnatual sort of way. Or if you are politicaly correct I guess it's natural. Either way FORGET IT I'M NOT INTERESTED.
Will flowers and candy be next? :eek:
:D :D :D ;)
"What do people do with spike whitetail bucks where you're at?"

we eat them.
Uhhhhh Is greybeard Hitting on you ?!?!? Do I need to open a new section called HUTNERS HITTING ON HUNTERS :eek: :eek:
Luckily here in Ohio the only restriction is what constitutes a antlered deer. It is antlers 3" or better. I don't carry a tape measure and can't run fast enough to measure the antlers ;) :D But we are able to take a antlered or antlerless deer with our tags. We just are only allowed to take 1 antlered deer each hunting year.
It's O.K. Greybeard, I know what you were getting at and am very flattered.... :eek::eek::eek:
But as I am who I am, You probably don't have enough estrigen in your system for me to be interested in any way....

The Greybeard kind of gives it away...LMAO!!!
Matter of fact, heres a nice little spike blacktail that was some good eatin.

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