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Some dead deer pics from last few years...


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Mar 26, 2002
Well, I am stuck with the reality that I am out of chances to nail a buck this year, and its kind of depressing.

I went to the ends of the earth in Idaho in pursuit of a decent muley. Passed on a 20" 3x3 with decent tines, and two forkies. Caught a glimpse of a shooter, but didnt get a shot at. That was bout it for a weeks worth of hunting. Did see lots of elk, and a wolf pack, whole nother story. Could that have something to do with seeing not a lot of deer? :confused: ;)

Then back home, during our rifle season, I passed on a little 3x3, and couted coup on a respectable 4x4 (120 or maybe a little better) and again, got skunked waiting on a bigger one. Result; rapidly becoming game free freezer. Thank goodness for a good West Kansas pheasant hunt and a South Dakota hunt to come for a little larder resoration.

However, since I always like seeing dead deer pics, new, old, little, or big, I thought I would throw up a few of my Missouri bucks of late just for giggles. No eye poppers, just some decent whiteys for around here...


> >

1997...Came to a grunt call, had to stop the charge. He was a bit upset to the prospect another buck was in his bedding area


> >

2000...My best buck to date. Shot him as a driver on a push in the bottom of a steep timbered drainage cut between crop fields. Got lucky and saw him first.


> >

2001...Came in to a doe in heat scent trail/ rattling/ and grunt calls. Just about could have flicked a booger on him from my stand when he rushed in, hackles raised, looking to kick some butt. One buck I wish could have had a few more years on, he would have been a real dandy...

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HEY BUDDY !!!! I though you were so mad at Idaho you took it out on me ;)

POST away bro, YOU know we like seeing new, old, or whatever for pictures, As long as you like um !!! WE LIKE UM' !!!!

Thanx for posting them Bert !!!
Nice bucks, always nice to see your critter pictures. Damn I'd take any of them whities.....
Thanks guys.

Moosie~ I really dont have any regrets about the Idaho trip. I learned some new hunting country, didnt see any other hunters where we were, saw some seriously awesome sights along the way, got to hunt with my brother I dont get to see too often, and got to meet a few of you Idaho fellas. Not a bad deal. I have no doubts the results would be better If I ever do a return trip now that I know the lay of the land a little better. I know there is at least one good one lurking around where we went.

Tom~ Yeah, never thought about it, but they do look a fairly similar. Both have closed in sweeping beams (which is apretty common configuration around here), and both have some good brow tines, but Im pretty sure they are from different stock though. The top one was taken in the Hickory/Oak Ozark woods of Central Missouri, and the other two were taken on NW MO, a handfull of miles off of the Missouri River.