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Big Fin

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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
This evening is our last airing on outdoor TV. We've aired on TV for nine seasons, the first four as On Your Own Adventures and the last five seasons as Fresh Tracks. It has been an interesting learning experience and served some utility to accomplish part of the goals in our business plan.

With outdoor TV experiencing the same declines as all other TV platforms, the opportunity on other digital platforms is far more appealing in terms of reach, freedom, and finances. TV was 100% of our views just two years ago, prior to starting a YouTube channel in January 2016. When our Amazon channel launched in late August, it proved even more that traditional TV was a dying horse. In just two years, YouTube and Amazon are now 80% of our views, with TV shrinking to less than 20% of our views.

So, we have decided to leave outdoor TV. This video explains where you can find us.


The short version is this:

Amazon – This is where long-form content will premiere. It will be longer episodes than you saw in the past. It will be commercial-free. Both a big change from the format and style required of outdoor TV. It is free to Amazon Prime members.

YouTube – We will continue to use this for our day-by-day episodes, tips, ideas, advocacy, strategies, etc. And once the longer episodes have been on Amazon for a while, we will eventually post them here. For those without Amazon Prime, YouTube is a free platform where you will also get to watch the full episodes, just a bit later. If you subscribe (free), you will get notified when new episodes show up on YouTube.

By going exclusively to these two options, we accomplish many objectives that are critical to our "Why":

1. Make our content commercial-free.

2. Make our content free to anyone willing to watch it.

3. Get away from the model of outdoor TV where it is hard to tell a story the way you want, where even if your content is different you are required to package it according to the network guidelines, making it all look pretty much the same.

4. Higher engagement with viewers where we can get feedback on what they watch more/less, what length, style, etc that attracts more viewers.

5. Have the distribution platforms pay us, rather than pay the networks to distribute our content. In my nine years of outdoor TV, my annual airtime purchase cost has ranged from $52K to $185K. That’s a crazy amount of money, for the small amount of views TV gets you.

6. Get away from the “King Maker” model that is outdoor TV. The networks make investments in some shows, giving them the best time slots, sending sponsors to those shows, giving them “tune in” advertising, and a host of other efforts to make sure these “investments” are given priority. Many comment how they don’t like what they see on outdoor TV. A big part of that is because the networks, many employees of such being non-hunters, get to pick and choose who they want to see as the “Kings.” That is fine. Their model and they can do what they want. I’m no longer in a position that I have to accept that.

7. Be free of network contracts. Those contracts have serious consequences if you say/do things they find damaging to their business. It is all at their discretion. I’ve never been one to worry about hurt feelings, but hurt the feelings of the wrong person at the network and you will find you no longer have airtimes and you are then in breach of your sponsor contracts. Serious consequences come with breaching a sponsor contact.​

I’ve never been so excited to be headed where we are. It has been a ton of work, a lot of risk by me and our LLC members, required huge support from our sponsors who told us to take this risk, and support from all of you. We have a lot of new ideas that these platforms allow. You will see them in the coming year.

Want to thank all of you for the great support you have given us. Not a chance we would have been able to get here without your support.

Here are the links where you can watch us, anytime, commercial free.

>----> Amazon (free to Prime members) –

>----> YouTube (its free to subscribe) -

And if you want to watch a longer form episode on Amazon we made this 2017 antelope hunt live today. Click on the image below.

27774 (002).jpg


Nov 20, 2016
Grand Ridge, FL
I think this is a great move! I love how you are always thinking outside of the box and always seeking to improve the experience of your viewers! Keep up the good work!


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Nov 27, 2009
South East Colorado
Talking to you at length about all of this really opened my eyes to the ins and outs of TV and how much of a worthless pain in the ass it can be. There are so many people cancelling pay TV, be it satellite or cable, having these venues are an awesome way to reach out and be able to tailor your shows to what you and the viewer want. Good luck,'s already working for the best for you.


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Jun 28, 2016
As someone who has doesn't pay for cable, I'm extremely happy you've taken this direction. I usually can only catch up on your shows via YouTube and whenever Fresh Tracks is on air while I'm at work. I'll be looking forward to seeing these changes and hope the risk will end in reward, now I've got to figure out my wife's Amazon Prime password!


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Jul 6, 2017
Fallon, NV
We got rid of network tv over 3 yrs ago and haven't even thought about getting it again. I am confident you are making the right choice. Congrats and good luck!

Hunting Wife

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Nov 18, 2014
Almost North Dakota, not quite Canada
Ironically we are watching the episode airing on Sportsman’s Channel right now. Haven’t yet switched completely to online media, but it’s becoming more and more tempting. We’re moving in a month or two...maybe it’s a good time to re-evaluate that.

Good luck on this endeavor! I hope the success is beyond all expectations.


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Aug 24, 2015
Lake of the ozarks Missouri
The only part of this that bothers me is I still have to keep dish. I've been trying to get my wife to cancel it to save money but none of her shows are on amazon or you tube.:hump:


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Jan 19, 2017
SW Michigan
Does this mean you can finally shoot one in its bed instead of the camera guy having to throw rocks off a cliff? Lol

Wishing you the best, in the New Year. Tony


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Jul 16, 2017
Really glad to see all these options. Not a fan at all of the network TV hunting shows. I had given up on watching any hunting content until I saw the other platforms you guys put your shows on. I prefer the whole story of the hunt not just the “action” most cookie cutter shows have become. Looking forward to watching.


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May 13, 2013
good for you Big Fin. Looking forward to longer episodes. I've never watched ONOA or Fresh Tracks and wanted to turn it off, or fast forward to the end for a kill shot. I've enjoyed the last few years of watching/listening to your platform grow from traditional TV. From my eyes, you are definitely headed in the right direction. Good luck, and thanks for letting me tag along on all the adventures.
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