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Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I want a High 20 to 30" Buck this year and Am going to "TRY" to hold out. Since I can Only Tag one deer. It makes it hard to WAIT but HArd to SHOOT one too....

What are your Plans on Wacking a deer this year.... Those that can Only shoot ONE deer.. You going to TAG the first thing you see ?~?~?~ Or hold out /.... If you say hold out, I want a report after the season to see if you did :D :D
Well, that's a tough one Moosie!

The deer tag I've got this year took me 4 preference points to draw, and there are some nice bucks in the unit. However, since I have went back to school, I only have 2.5 days to hunt. It's gonna be pretty hard to hold out. I'll probably end up whacking the first decent 4x4 I see! :D

The season starts 4 weeks from today. I'll let ya know!

I always want to hold out for a big deer :D but I just have the hardest time doing it :mad: :mad: I usually end up shooting the first legal one I see then seeing a big one while packing mine out :eek:
I'll be holding out, again--I'm lucky:D this year as I'm going to Montana for the rifle opener(deer & elk) and then 2 weeks later I'll be in the Ruby Mtn's in Nevada--the last day though usually means if it moves it could be gettin' lead :eek: directed towards it-..chris
Well, let's see. It's Monday morning, it's 0645, and I've already been told that I will have to wait until next year to shoot a big one or a little one. My vacation got cancelled to support the upcoming effort. So...........I guess I don't get a chance this year. So I am going to hold out for the biggest deer I see next year. :cool:
Its really tough when your head says "NO NO NO" but your finger says "YES YES YES" :D
Since its hard as heck to get drawn here in AZ, And I got my little deer 2 years ago for my full mount when i get a lion. I will hold out for a big one.I hold out during archery season every year. Wife dont like deer that much so shooting a little one is no biggy every year.. popping a little one with a bow is pretty easy here in AZ...

First thing I see with antlers is down...unless of course I change my mind, which I've been known to do. There now, that should pretty much cover me for the whole season.
Big Sky,
I hope the first thing you see with horns is a whopper. Are you just trying to fill your tag so you can go after yogis? Or is the trophy potential not looking good this year over in your area? I am going to try to shoot my biggest deer, which should be pretty easy for me.
WeekendWarrior, nope nothing but puny racks over here just like on the video I sent Greenhorn. Hardly any reason to step outside this year. I suggest everyone try western Montana for a true monster rack
Hey Greenhorn no fair stealing my specialty shot. I am trained and certified by the local fish and game on that particular shot placement.
I will take a nice buck...........nice as in bigger than last year's 25"...........either that, or I'll eat the tag. (don't hold me to this ;) )

I have found a few bucks in the 25 to 28" range.................just hope they cooperate..... :cool: DS
I got a doe at the end of archery last year.
I got a doe at the end of rifle last year.
I got no bucks last year.
This year, I think I'll do better on the bucks than last year, I got a better place to hunt.
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