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Shoot some Video people !!!!


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Ladies, Genitals, and Hunttalkers..... Let's try to Take some Video Footage of some of your Hunts from this Year. We're gonig to throw together a Video At years end. I'd also like to put together a Year end MAgazine Scrap Book. So take good pictures too. Perferably with something "HUNTTALK" in the picture

KEEP this in MIND !!!!!! I'd like to get some hunts together of people that post here.
Nut.. jsut remember... Don't film the Rocks.. And Keep it steady, I've seen your Film footage ;)
Holy shit, how much wine did I drink up there. You are starting to scare me Mitch.
Make sure you have all of your permits, forest service and BLM. You need these permits to use your footage in any commercial venture. No permits, you ae just opening the doors!
Non Of this is Comercial. It's jsut for the People at Hunt-talk
But thanx for the warning Bambi-FAN !!!!!

Don't worry man, We're not "Compeeting" against ya. We're just filming Little bucks and Bulls ;) If any are Big, We'll send them your way :D
You have me all wrong MOOSIE, I like alittle compitition, its good for the sole. It was just alittle FYI The more people that try thier hand at videoing, the more respect we get. It's not as easy as people think, especially if you are trying to capture someone shooting a trophy.

Bring on the video! :D :D
Hell, I have a hard enough time Finding a Forked horn to Gut Shoot on Video let alone Video taping someone Shooting a Trophy.... Although I don't have a Bunch of Orange Painted private land to hunt either .. ;)

(Snicker Snicker) (Do I need to Say I'm fugging with ya on the Above comment so you don't start Crying

HEY, If you're so Good at it, Come with me next week When I shoot that 200 Class Big horn ram. :D I'll pack your Food in for ya.. You pack the Lightweight camera ;)

But Honestly, I didn't know a Permit was needed ?!?! Whay would you need a Permit to Video tape a Deer you shoot ? Is that some Beauro Red tape Chit way to Stick it to someone trying to make a Buck ?
Is this the same Bambi Fan that is part of the Glenn's Ferry Mafia???

Do you have an Aunt Grace in Nampa?? Did you used to take Uncle Bob elk hunting?

Wannna video a big buck, close to home???
You could say it's a mafia, we like to call it a brotherhood. :D That would be part of my family in Nampa. Hey wait just one minute, you know more about me then my wife does! I'm always up for filming a big buck! Let me check and see if my permits are current, that is unless it is on private property. ;) Have a great day guys, I'll check back in tomorrow afternoon.
Well everyone I got a jump on ya'll with an early permit. We drew 4 tags for an early hunt in Idaho and 3 out of 4 have already put meat in the freezer

My buck is a 3x4 w/o eye guards and not that wide either but it's the first muledeer ever shot with a Tact20 so its a whopper to me.....

A boy 14 years old named Jimmy N. shot a very big forky......also with a Tact20 and his dad Jim N. also killed a forky with the Tact20

We are still lookin for number4 for Beau

O by the way 2 0ut of the 3 were taken on film

want clips ?????


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