Shoot some Video people !!!!


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Ladies, Genitals, and Hunttalkers..... Let's try to Take some Video Footage of some of your Hunts from this Year. We're gonig to throw together a Video At years end. I'd also like to put together a Year end MAgazine Scrap Book. So take good pictures too. Perferably with something "HUNTTALK" in the picture

KEEP this in MIND !!!!!! I'd like to get some hunts together of people that post here.
Moosie, I have tons of live video footage of deer and elk but not many kill shots.

I do have one video if a B&C antelope hitting the dirt though.
Oscar I Have some video of some dinky bulls that we didn't use on the last video, you wanna take a look????
Will that be a dual set of videos with the Sask bear hunt? ;) I have some bear footage from this year, but I think I already sent you a copy.
Vanilla, I'm going to keep it with just Hunttalkers. Be it small bulls, large bulls, or a Forest Grouse. It's all about the people that post here. If you're in Some Video or taking it we could throw a bit in jsut for Giggles.

MtMiller, Well, the Sak Idea was a good Idea Except no-one brought a Video camera but me :rolleyes: I think the video would be better if we had some taken of things ;)

Just an Idea. We'll see.
Oscar: I can't give up any "shot scenes" but I have some good filler video of bulls feeding and what not.......
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