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Jun 10, 2021
I’m hesitant to tell this story, no one knows me but this is no fish story. I kinda can’t believe it myself. Just wanted to share.
My buddies Tony n Rob I’ve known over 30 years. I might be a meathead, Tony though a super meathead. He did something here I don’t think would cross my mind or the minds of many others.
Tony is fishing w Rob and Tony hooks a pickerel. Shouldn’t be fishing as he had knee surgery two days earlier and wasn’t supposed to be carrying his Jon boat all over the woods.
As he lands it and tries to unhook, the fish twists and squirms driving the second set of treble hooks into his palm. They go deep and the fish still squirming isn’t helping.
Rob runs to get pliers but they’re so old they can’t cut the steel. They lay the fish down, stepping on it to stop the wiggling, and Tony used his fingernail to open split ring on hook while Rob untwists it.
The fish and Tony are now separated, He can’t push the hooks out as they’re in too deep Rob said. He takes his big pin from the license holder and tries fishing it free.
It doesn’t work and apparently blood is all over now. They go back to Tony’s truck looking for a knife or razor. They can’t find one but they do find a McDonalds plastic knife. I know you may not believe this, he starts sawing his hand open to get hooks out. He does, pours disinfectant on his hand. Puts the hook back on lure and goes fishing w it.
Maybe the best thing ever happened to him was that surgery, he’s prob pumped full of antibiotics.
Your hand is full of nerves and stuff, I hope he didn’t screw anything up.
He’s now hiding his hand from his wife but I could tell you lots of stories about him so she’d prob not be too surprised.
Hard to believe story I know


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Jun 26, 2021
Good story thanks for sharing! My wife caught a fish on an old rapala not long ago- like your buddy, it squirmed and she was hooked. The squirming actually broke the old treble off so it saved her the step of cutting it. She took the pliers and pulled it out like a beast.. lol i could not imagine having to cut in, if the barb doesn’t come back out of the skin- especially with a Mickey D’s pancake knife 😂😂

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