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See the deer?


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
After describing to Del what the timber is like where I do my hunting, he said he could not even imaging that type of timber.

Well here ya go Del.

Do you see the deer in these pictures?


Elky is there really deer in those pictures?? There is a thing in the bottom picture that looks kinda like a deer but I don't want to say anything because it might just be a picture of some trees. LOL :D :D
i saw the deer in the second pic and think i saw on in the first...

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Heck, just take the 458 Win Mag and shoot through the tree their hiding behind!!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I was think a bazooka...

Yea Del!!! This is the fun stuff to hunt in..try another eight hundred miles West..The brush just get's bigger is all and the game thins out... :D :D :D
LMAO!!!!I think It's high time he get's off his butt and comes up and takes a walk about...LOL!!!!This could be a great reminder of what he is missing living out in the desert!!!! :D :D :D
Looks like good country to me.Heck Im used to hunting in that crap.It surely is no fun but that is where the animals like it unfortunately.
Actually here in az in the pines you can see in some spots fot 400-600 yards....

I mainly get up on hills and do also of long range shots..

We also have spots where you cant see unless your on a hill. One pointer knows all about that
I thought the only thing 1-pointer saw when he was out your way Delw was a naked man . Now your telling me he was on a hill when he saw the naked man. What was 1-pointer doing on a hill with a naked man???? :eek:
Yes Bill, I see the deer in your pictures.. Or parts of deer to be more precise. I'll take some pictures of the Kaibab this weekend so you guys will know what you're missing.

Oh, by the way, the deer in the top picture, the one with blue eyes, I think she's winking at you.....better be careful out ther..

That is my hunting partner :D

On Thursday I willbe sitting on the edge of a huge meadow then head into some timber. It will be thick, but not as thick as in the above pics. I will be able to see in some places up to 50 yards.
THursday you will be sitting on the edge of a meadow, with your head in some thick timber?? Hell Bill, I thought you were going hunting.. What changed your mind?

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