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screwed up big time


New member
Jul 8, 2003
eagle lake ontario
i don't konw if you all remember the post i put in the spring about our mr. big. but anyway we've been hunting him hard with the bows this fall but have only been able to look at him out of range.

anyway last mon. night i decided to hunt deep in the hardwoods and my buddy decided he wasn't going to hunt due to the fact that he had a sore back :confused:

so i park my 4 wheeler and start walking into my stand at about 2 pm. i can see my stand when i catch movement to my left. i spotted my first wild turkey. thought i'd try to see how close i could get to it. took about three steps and SNORT....
a nice buck about 20 yrds to my right runs off :(

so i make my way to my stand and wait. after about two hours the local kids decide to run up and down the hydro lines beside me with thier dirt bikes. i took this for about a half hour then decided to move.

i worked my way real slow across a ridge that eventually runns into our main bike trail. never saw anything up to that point. i decided i'd hurry and make my way back towards home and hunt in the gravel pit behind the house. so with bow not ready i start to trot down the trail.......went about 40 yrds and bam ther's about a 8 pointer (not tottally sure)if i had of been sneaking then maybe???????

so anyway i make to the bike on the trail i notice running tracks in front of me. they keep going to a spot we call the cosway which is about 100 yrds away from the stand i plan to hunt. so i think to myself.........do i park and sneak to the stand or do i beeline it and get set up as i only have about 1.5 hours till dark. well i opted to beeline it across. half way across i him........MR.BIG. he's standing right on the edge of the field about 25 yrds from our stand. i jump off the bike leave it running while the buck sprouted wings and flew out og there.

i still think i can get around a little bush lot and maybe get a poke at him.

as i get close to the stand who do i see??........buddy decided to hunt afterall.......MR.BIG only had to take about two more steps and he would have had him.

man did i feel about an inch tall. still a few weeks left in the season so hopefully one of us will get him :confused:

Ridge Runner

New member
Sep 21, 2003
On the ridge
Good luck and stay after him. Did you post some pics of him a while back standing in a feild? If so I do remember the post. Good luck.

Quick Draw

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May 20, 2001
You'll get him just gotta be there when he is feeding and "thwack...poke him with a stick, man"
Good luck!!!!
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