Scope options for Savage LWH


Aug 6, 2012
Bucks County, PA
I just purchased a Savage LWH in 308 and am now looking for a scope. I've always been partial to Leupold and am intrigued by their VX2 ultralight 3x9x33. My only concern is the objective in low light conditions. I have a VX3 that has a 50mm objective on my 270 and really like it's performance but thats just too much scope for a lightweight rig. Anyone have experience with the VX2 ultralight or suggestions?
The vx2 will be just fine during legal shooting hours. I may look elsewhere for a night time coyote rifle but if this is a big game rifle you'll be fine.

Personally I would want more magnification but to each their own.
I'd go with the regular VX2. The ultralight has the reputation of having a quite small and critical eyebox. The ultralight is 2oz lighter, but the eye relief is listed as 3.4-3.1". The regulars eye relief is listed as 4.2-3.7. I'd gladly trade more eye relief and more generous eye box for 2oz.

If you aren't stuck on a variable, a Leupold 6X36 is less than an ounce heavier than the 3-9 Ultralight and has even more eye relief than the VX2 Regular. YMMV...
Went with the VX2 in 2x7x33. Weighs about 10 oz. Not as light as the ultralight but scored a bit better on the reviews. Thanks for the feedback.
Mounted the VXII with lightweight Tally rings and it all weighs less 6lbs.


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