Ollin Magnetic Digiscoping System

Schmalts vid

Email me the Origional to the Webmaster Account.. I can't play it here either... (Maybe I'll add some "SOUND" to it) ;)
Hey guys, For some reason all of the sudden i had trouble opening it with media player but could open it with real one. Try real one to open it. dont know whats up with it. also try to upgrade your media place codec to handle dvd mpeg2 ( error messege i got)

[ 08-27-2004, 08:17: Message edited by: schmalts ]
Look at the slow motion, on impact you see a small blood red ring around the inmact area, way cool
Hey Schmalts is this the video you copied for me? I can't get it to play, so I wasn't sure.
If someone Sends me the Origional.... I can Upload it for EVERYONE to see, nt just 3 people :rolleyes:

Actually I jsut right Clicked it, Saved it Locally and It works fine. ?!?!

I could Shrink it for the guys with Dialup if need be ? Cool Vid MtMiller !!!!!
Cool Video.

Whats in the bucket? That didn't look like the 55 gallon barrel that I know guys use around here. What size drum was that????
That is a cool vid.......hope to see more of them. Love those impact shots....

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