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Jul 10, 2001
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I was looking thru the new cabelas catalog and ran across a new product. It's a remote controlled spotlight that can be moved up and down and rotated by using a remote control. It looks like a mighty handy gadget to night hunt with if you are hunting alone or just want to minimize movement. Has anyone ever tried one of these?
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I have used this light, they are pretty cool. The only draw back that I had found ( with the one I had same model) is that in the winter time it would freeze up some times and wouldn't rotate or tilt. Also didn't have enough candlepower for me. Also if it gets foggy out it will not penetrate through the fog as well as other because of the can. power. This is just my Experiences dealing with this product.
Thanks for the input Yoteler. Did you shoot any animals while using this light? Does the light make any noise when you rotate or tilt it? As soon as I can think of a good reason why I need this light maybe my wife will let me order one. ;)
I did luck out and shoot a few coon and a 2 fox off the light. It does make alittle noise but not much. But what we think is quiet, is enhance about 10x to the predator
How I envisioned using it would be to mount the light on a 4 ft tall post and then sit underneath and slightly behind it. Use an electronic call and have the remote for the light mounted on the forearm of the rifle. After a little practice I'd say you could follow a slow mover and get a good shot. I don't know for sure, but thats what I was thinking. ;)
I see, yes, that would work out. Thanks. They have spotlights for less money that hook right on your scope for less money. $40 here at Academy for 100 yard light. Cabela's has them too. Where you point the scope, the light points, no need to track the light, its right with you, and for less money.

I don't see the advantage of this thing.
You not factoring in Laziness Tom. :D You can make the light turn by pushing a button.....and I have a very well developed thumb muscle from years of tv remote control use. ;) I have and use an optronics scope light. I use a red handheld light to make 360 degree sweeps while I am night calling until I'm ready to shoot....thats when the scope light gets turned on. After a few hours of holding a hand held light I cramp up and get tired.....maybe it's old age catching up with me? ;)
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