Reloadable Brass?


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Dec 20, 2000
I have been shooting the Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertips out of my .338 and was wondering if the nickel plated brass that I have been saving from these is reloadable?? Thanks again to all for the help that I have recieved.
It is reloadable, however, the nickle has a tendency to flake off, and can conceivably damage your dies. The dies that resize necks via a collet, would seem to be relatively immune to this problem. :confused:
I have been loading for a 22-250 and a 243 owner that uses the nickel plated brass. The '250 brass is on its 4th reloading and the 243 is on its 5th reloading and both have given me no trouble at all. In fact they clean up real easy. I haven't had much experience with it but what I have had is no problem.
Nope. Everyone is wrong. Nickel plated brass is not reloadable. As a matter of fact, you should box it all up and send it to me for proper disposal. :D:D:D

Just be careful when you try to trim it. It can send shivers up your arms because of the harness of the nickel. It almost screeches some times. Other than that, it works great. :cool:
Yes, like everybody says, it's reloadable. HOWEVER, I acquired some W-W Super nickel plated .338 Win Mag brass, and experienced some pressure problems with tried and true loads. Upon further investigation, I found that the necks were abnormally thick, and had to be turned down with an outside neck turner. Kind of made them look funny, with silver bodies and brass necks, but they work great now.

1_pointer, for your information, try to insert an unfired bullet into the neck of a fired case before resizing. If the bullet won't go in, or is really tight, your necks are too thick and need to be turned down.

Just a heads up, I don't know if I had an abnormal batch or what, be be on the lookout.
I tried some Federal nickle brass in my 7x30 Waters Contender and some of the necks were too thick to allow me to chamber the round. I went back to necked down and fireformed 30-30 brass.
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