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Aug 14, 2003
Getting pumped, now need to know from those in the know! Can anyone tell me about Carter Mountain in Region "F"? Is it a better area than the WIA's around the Greybull? Any info will be appreciated. Good luck to all ya'll.

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If you go in from the north off of State Route 291 on FR 474 or better yet FR 483 and hike up a couple of miles you can get away from most of the other hunters. You can get high and glass or still hunt the timber.

From the east coming in on State Route 290 there is quite a bit of BLM and state land. Its a long haul to get back there though. You could try the campground on the Greybull and hunt Carter to the north and Phelps to the south.

Stay away from roads, you'll see alot of people just driving the roads. And remember to get good maps, air photos and a GPS doesn't hurt so you can stay out of the wilderness areas. If you can access GIS software the University of Wyoming GIS site has a lot of GIS layers and digital air photos to help you do virtual scouting. These have helped me a lot.
Most of Carter Mtn is limited quota. If you have a gereral license you can't hunt any limited quota area.

If you have an area F general license you would have to go north on Carter quite a ways to get in a general license area(113). If theres any snow you probly can't get back to a gereral area. Carter is almost all open country hardly any timber. There is a way to get to the foothills of Carter (on the north side) coming in from So Fork and there is a hunter management area so. of Cody. It's on the HooDoo ranch that is a general area.

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Thanks for the responces elkhunter, jackfish, and wyote. The Hoodoo ranch is probably what I was thinking of when I stated Carter Mountain. I have a permission slip I have to pick up from the G&F department when I arrive. One more month before we go. I probably will end up on some walk-in areas. The owner of the campground we are going to has also set us up on some of his property. Thanks again.
Wyote was right about the road off the South Fork. It's a good road.If there's snow they'll shut a gate about 15 miles up the road. If not close you may be able to get to the south side of Bales Brother's ranch or the west of Horner's with a little hikeing, both good areas. It sounds like your waiting until Nov 1st to hunt if so that 113 is a 4 point or better after Oct 31st. Look out for bears.

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