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Yikes. Came very close to pulling the same maneuver into the Little Greys a few months ago, still spooky to think about. Very happy to hear that you are ok.
December 17th - it is the last day of muzzleloader season and we had a recent report of not much sign from @Greenhorn. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but think of a Maine moose hunt several years ago. The main (or is that Maine) method of hunting for moose appeared to be road hunting. When I was checking my bull in, I asked the guys at the check station what all of the road hunters who had unfilled tags did as season neared its end. One guy responded, “Drive faster.”

So, for any of you traveling on Norris Road today, beware of a rental car being driven at possibly the limits of safe and prudent by a muzzleloader hunter with a few lumps and bruises, but a determined look in his eye. Greenhorn is not a quitter!

Greenhorn, good luck and keep your powder dry!
I’m number 25 on the elk damage hunt list. Can’t wait to wack an’ stack ‘‘em like we used to do to whitetail does in 170 back in the day.