Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States


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Feb 12, 2011
Gallatin Valley, MT
This isn't hunting, but fishing in the Rocky Mountain West. Some reality - An excerpt from the most recent website fishing report from Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner MT. This shop makes it's living promoting and servicing the Gardiner and northeast YNP fly fisherfolks and thus attracting people to the area via advertising is crucial, as their business year is basically as long as the YNP area summer/fall tourist season. Kudos to Parks for telling the raw unadulterated truth. Says something about the number of people recreating here, locals as well as non, when a flyshop puts this out there.
No solutions, but a snapshot of current events here in fly fishing mecca......

"Soda Butte Creek Fishing Report – Updated August 3

Overwhelmingly crowded.
It is usually difficult for more than a single angler to find room to fish here. If you decide to join the crowds of West Yellowstone guides and tourist anglers that often crowd two or three to a pool barely large enough for one, look for the same hatches and terrestrial fishing mentioned above. One of Walter’s clients fished here on his own a few days ago and said this stream was “like fishing in hell” due to the crowds. As such, we only guide here when we have no other option due to client fitness or desires."

Rare candor seldom heard from the people in the "Industry".
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