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Oct 22, 2003
Glasgow, Montana

Eight Louisiana Men Charged With Illegal Hunting Activity (Posted Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:27 AM)

Eight Louisiana men have been charged with a variety of hunting-related crimes after a game-check station turned up wholesale license infractions and an illegal outfitting charge.

The Louisiana hunters stopped at an impromptu game-check station set up north of Saco on Nov. 4, according to FWP game wardens.

“ We became suspicious when we inspected the 7 deer in the vehicle and questioned the 4 hunters in the vehicle about the location of the harvest,” says Warden Dave Loewen.

“Several of the hunters had landowner-sponsored deer tags, but based on their statements, the deer were apparently harvested on land where those licenses were not valid.”

During subsequent interviews, wardens learned that another Louisiana resident was allegedly illegally outfitting/guiding hunters in Montana.

Landowner-sponsored licenses are valid only on the land for which they are issued. “It’s important for hunters, and for landowners, to know that landowner-sponsor licenses allow for a very specific hunting activity in a very specific location,” says Loewen. The case was investigated jointly by Warden Sergeant Steve Jones, Warden Captain Mike Herman as well as Loewen.

Two of the Louisiana hunters, who possessed non-resident antlerless deer tags, had allegedly shot buck deer using resident Deer A licenses and were charged with illegal tag transfer. The driver of the vehicle was charged with transporting illegally harvested wildlife.
Charged in the incident were: Thomas Ajubita, 42, of Metairie, LA, who was cited with hunting without a valid license; Mickey Greer, 59, of New Orleans, who was charged with hunting without a valid license and unlawful transportation of game animals; Dr. Richard Helman, 50, of New Orleans, cited with hunting without a valid license; Charles Clasen, 52, of New Orleans, charged with hunting without a valid license; Christopher Barto, 32, of Pearl River, LA, charged with illegal tag transfer and hunting without a valid license; Paul Frolich, 57, of Mandeville, LA, charged with hunting without a valid license; Craig Clasen, 26, of New Orleans, charged with illegal tag transfer and hunting without a valid license; and Anthony Bazile, 55, of Braithwaite, LA, who was charged with 7 counts of outfitting/guiding without a license.

All the hunters pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges, which carry penalties of up to $1,000 and jail time of up to 6 months per charge. If found guilty, the hunters could also lose hunting and fishing privileges in Montana and other states.

Wardens seized 7 buck deer, including four 5x5 whitetail bucks, a 4x5 mule deer buck, a 5x4 whitetail and a 5x7 whitetail. All the deer were shot on private land north of Saco. The hunters also posted a total of $9,100 in bond.
I hope they throw the books at them.

On another note, just two years ago, they busted a group from Louisiana for over-harvesting waterfowl at and near the refuge where I worked. It is only about 10 miles from Saco. Is it something about LA or could it be some of the same fallas?
I only know 2 fella's from LA.... And they Wouldn't do nothing like that

Lemme tell ya, I lived only 4 years in LA. It's a different world once you cross the Border. Don't touch the Trout lines and Don't check anyones Crab traps.. And don't ask anyone if they have permission to hunt private land. Just mind yer own Buisness !!!!

I look at those Fines and LAUGH !!! It's Cheaper to poach then Hire a Guide !!! Looks liek I need to make a Call to a few guys in LA ....
Well, New Orleans people think they are a whole different country. I was a cop in Baton Rouge for a bit and even police officers don't get any sort of professional courtesy from the NO PD. Just a whole different place. I say tie em all up and drop em in the deepest lake in MT.


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