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Peanut Butter.

I go to this little natural grocer and they have several bins of different peanuts. You tell the clerk how much you want and she makes the peanut butter in front of you. You can tell the clerk what consistency you want and add additional flavors if you like. I like they honey roasted peanuts, not chunky, but not creamy either. Store bought doesn’t compare.
I love PB, but it is not allowed in the EastTNHunter household due to food allergies :cry:

I have recently found almond butter and it is good, but not the same
I like it all but it doesn’t like me much anymore, tears my stomach up. I still eat it though. Those peanut butter and honey bagels have been a staple on my hunts.
Some women seem to think a little Whip Cream in the right place is a bit of fun…but damn, I’m really thinking they have it all wrong…. :ROFLMAO:
Jif reduced fat creamy

This is the only reduced fat product on earth that is better than the full fat version.
I’m a creamy PB guy , eat it by the spoonful, or on anything with chocolate, my 2 favorites are a big moist chocolate chip cookie or the little Debbie’s chocolate covered wafer bars and then big layer of PB with a Tall glass of milk for a chaser , that’s my jam , I haven’t been eating much if any peanut butter this year though, since I’ve been on a more stricter diet and training routine

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