OPEN SPOTS - NFL Pick'Em and Spread'Em Pool


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Oct 27, 2010
Hey guys,

I run an NFL pool with family and friends and there were some last minute cancelations this year. I HAVE A FEW SPOTS OPEN and figured i would open the invitation to the HT crowd.

We start picking Week 2 and those pick requests go out next Tuesday - sorry its so last minute. Rules are below, PM me your preferred email if you would like to join (NO LATER THAN SATURDAY 9/12). Currently at 13 Entrants so winner would take home $700 plus any weekly winnings.

  • $200 Entry
  • Pick the winner and your determined spread for all NFL games starting Week 2 and ending Week 14
    • Pick a straight-up winner (10 points)
    • Pick a custom spread and if you are +/- 3 points of the actual result you get points (5 points)
      • If your spread is on the exact number, you get an additional 15 points
      • NOTE: if your spread allows for a negative range (I.e. a spread of 2 has a range of -1 to +5) and your pick loses by an amount in that range, you still get the 5 spread points.
    • Example: You pick the Packers to win by 4. The Packers win 30-24 so you get 10 points for the win and 5 points for the spread (because they won by 6 and any margin between 1 and 7 points would get you the spread points. Had they won 28-24 you would get 30 points (15 for the above plus 15 bonus points for picking the exact spread).
    • BONUS GAME: Each week you will have the option to select one game as your bonus game - if you pick the correct winner, all of your points are doubled for that game. If your pick loses, you lose 25 points regardless of getting a spread or not. You do not have to pick a bonus game each week. (NOTE: The method in how the bonus game will be determined is subject to change after some feedback from previous seasons - will circulate a survey on how to handle this on Thursday 9/10/20)
  • Picks are Due Thursdays at 5PM PST (submitted via Google Form that will be sent out each Tuesday) and failure to submit on time results in zero points for the week.
  • Payouts:
    • Weekly winner with most points gets $100
      • If there is a tie, the money rolls to the next week like a skins game until there is an outright weekly winner. Once a payout rolls to the next week, anyone can win it, not just those who tied in the previous week.
      • (NOTE: The method in how weekly ties will be treated is subject to change after some feedback from previous seasons - will circulate a survey on how to handle this on Thursday 9/10/20)
    • Season Payout:
      • 3rd Place - $200
      • 2nd Place - $400
      • 1st Place - all remaining (with 12 players this is $500 and for each additional entrant this increases $200)
    • Tiebreakers (all stats will be reported with each weeks results when new picks are sent out):
      • Season correct pick percentage, then
      • Number of weeks won, then
      • Total correct spreads, then
      • Split the pot
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