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Not a Monster but a Good One


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Dec 11, 2002
N.E. Oklahoma
This is my largest Buck, I took him on the last saturday of our season with a ruger 7MM Mag and 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip. He weighed 176# field dressed and has a 19" inside spread with 10" G2's. he may not be a Monster but for Oklahoma he is a good one.

Nice buck Handloader.
Nice buck Handloader. What town do you live in? I live in Nevada, Mo. So we can't be that far apart. I don't know when Ok. rifle season is, but our opening weekend which was on the 15th of Nov. sucked to say the very least and it was that way across the whole state. We were down 10,000 deer this year compared to last. Just wondering what it was like for Ok.
That's a great looking buck.. How do you get the big ones to come in and eat on your front lawn??

Do you know Elkhunter?? He does the same thing with bears..