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Dec 29, 2014
hudson Wi
Ok I am not totally new, I have been creeping for a few months and even posted a few questions but I have not followed proper etiquette and officially introduced myself.

I have lived my whole life in WI and have been chasing whitetails since the age of 12. I have never shot a wall hanger but still chasing the dream. I have been out to WY 7 times in the last 15 years hunting mule deer with good success(again no trophies but great experiences). Now that my kids are older I am hoping to make it a yearly thing. I am a little discouraged of the fact that it's getting harder and harder to draw tags. This year I was unsuccessful in both CO and WY so I bought a general MT deer license.

Other then deer hunting I enjoy wilderness canoe trips in MN and Canada, I'm a big Packer and Badger fan, and enjoy some duck hunting occasionally. This is a great forum and I love the show, Fresh Tracks seems like the best hunting show for the common man. Thanks for listening.
Welcome, and from the original words of the Moosie, to me, "Trust nobody, everyone is a liar and retrobate ', EXCEPT ME.
Welcome, Jerry.

Gunner, I don't know what a retrobate is but I'm sure Moosie definitely is one. :)
RETROBATE: Christian Theologyarchaic
(especially in Calvinism) a sinner who is not of the elect and is predestined to damnation.

Jerry, remember, Pics 1st, stories & lies 2nd. (not necessarily in that order) ;)
Welcome!! Hunting in flip flops goes a long ways here :D I've also discovered garlic dill cheese curds and love them, so you have some cheese cred :D
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Welcome Jerry!!!

Im right across the border from ya in MN. I have been doing WY or MT about on a yearly basis for the last few years also. Drop me a line sometime id be glad to swap stories and share advice about areas with ya.


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