Mulies in the rut


Dec 23, 2000
Do you think we should have mule deer seasons during the rut? Seems that mulies are 'dumber' during the rut than whitetails, and a lot of the big bucks get picked off.

I think we should have very limited hunting during the rut, not a wide open season.

Give folks the opportunity, but make em draw the tag. I think it would make a great hunting experience with fewer hunters in the field.

Hey C-oak i have never hunted your mule deer but it seems to me from what i have read about them that they are similar to Fallow deer in the rut.Fallow deer bucks that you didnt even know existed appear from nowhere when rutting, deer that you couldnt find in season turn up croaking their heads off and letting any illegal(Down here) hunter know their whereabouts.Yes i agree with you and believe that rutting deer are certainly dumber than when not rutting.Fallow bucks will stand out in open farmland in broad daylight when in the rut something that they never otherwise do.Big bucks are back in cover by daylight generally and take some finding not so when they are dumb in the rut.

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In Idaho we have to draw for those rut tags . Its a blast to hunt that time of year .I agree its a good thing not to have the general season that close to the rut,it would be to easy to wipe them out.
We like to go out and glass during that time even you get to see some good bucks doing some strange stuff. :eek: :eek:
Is it you or Colorado Oak that lives in Grand Junction I think thats where my Buddy John Bailey lives. He's a nice guy I set him up to go hunting with a friend of mine in Alberta this year. Thanks anyway. Hey hows the hunting up there in your area? Is there anywhere up there that you can hunt without having to draw a tag for something.
Hey Justin,
I'm from Grand Junction. I know a couple of Bill Baileys here, but no Johns. What's your friend hunting in Alberta?

Well, I'm sure by now that you all know the story in AZ. Everything is by draw. Rut,no rut, deer/no deer, everything excpet coyotes and vermin. That doesn't leave much. :cool: