MT vs Arizona

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Dec 19, 2000
Elk.. no.. that's easy Montana RULES in that department.

I'm talking about some Flagstaff team, NAU that came up and got spanked in Bozeman today by a school half their size.

Pooooooooooorrrrr Lumberjacks.
Thats good news. One of the rare occasions I root for the enemy. GO GRIZ
What did you expect?
The slumber jocks play in a dome!
I used to go there to study geology when I worked for the hotshots and I only liked their women.
Now on Elk, yeah MT has the #'s but I'll pit our rack sizes against almost any state except for maybe WY around Jellystone.

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We just set "another" world record for archery bull elk, and you can bring your "best" football team down here and our "best"team [ASU] would crush them.
Not to get into a my dad's tougher than yours, but it looks like MT will have a new archery world record as well. Greenhorn brought this up a couple of weeks ago. I am guessing the AZ record is non-typ?
Mtnman, you got that right, we do have the worse NFL team in the history of the game. Now if you asked me where i would rather hunt, it would be easy Montana, fishing also, I spent some time [summer] up in columbia falls, flathead river,dam town tavern,lake Mcdonald,whitfish etc. water everywhere, great place loved it.
That lousy AZ football team just spanked the 49rs ! ( My two favorite teams are the Cowboys and whoever is playing aginst the 49rs this week )
By the way, a big typical bull was taken in Az this year also, we'll have to wait for final scores to see is Chucks Mt. bull is really the #1, or if Az. has both records.
The cardinals truly SUCK. It was more of a case of the niners "blowing" the game. you should see the crowd for the cards games, it looks like a high school game. ok no more cards for me it gets mp BP. up.
For strictly public land, then you take the averages of success rate, and B&C gross score. AZ takes it by a landslide.

If you are a bad ass hunter, who really knows the country, then MT would could be concieved better becuase you can hunt it every year.
Yeah, I think that AZ bull may beat Chuck out, something like 418 green??

AZ gets another chance at MT this weekend with the Grizzlies. SHould be interesting!
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