More deer, still no bucks

Mini Moose

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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
Well hunting almost everyday since the opener and i have only come up not seeing any deer 2 out of the 10 days,

Today was no exception to seeing deer but once again nothign but does, i am begining to reegret having not taken the only buck i have seen, so much for holding out for a bigger buck should have just taken the little guy iguess,

I have got until sunday to fill my tag in the region where i am at, after that there are a few places where it is open until the 31st but i don't know those areas well enough to go and hunt them, hopefully i will see the deer before it closes,

Happy Hunting
Good luck mini!
Nut i wish it were an antlerless area, all i have seen is does, and one small buck, i am going on about 64 does and the 1 buck so there will be a letter written to F&G suggesting a controlled hunt for does or an open hunt for does, maybe even a youth hunt, anythign that can help thin out the does in the area

Tonight was another successful night of seeing deer but still no bucks again, 4 does, and lots of sign of other deer in the area, also alot of sign of elk in the area too

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