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Montana approves non-resident license increases


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Jan 9, 2001
Laramie, WY
Montana legislature passed fee increases for non-resident hunting licenses. Heres the story.

HB 554 - Increase non-resident hunting and fishing license fees. MBA SUPPORTED. This bill was brought forth at FWP's request to bring non-resident fees closer to what the average of the western states charge for similar licenses. The legislation is expected to generate approximately $4 million in additional revenue annually. The $478 currently charged for non-resident moose, sheep and goat licenses is well below the average of other western states as those averages are $1,210 for moose, $1,264 for goat, and $1,393 for sheep. No state charges less than $1,000 for those licenses. HB 554 originally proposed $1,000 for each of those license fees but, as amended, the Legislature passed the bill with non-resident moose, sheep and goat licenses to sell for $750 each. Other non-resident license fees affected by the bill include: antelope $150 to $200, black bear $120 to $350, turkey $13 to $105, Deer A $125 to $250, Deer combo $245 to $325, and deer/elk combo $475 to $625. HB 554 was passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Martz.
That is a big jump. I would not mind it as much if they just doubleded the sheep/ goat/moose tags, but they trippled it. It just meens that they will not get a short term loan from me next year.

Huntrjohn, huh? did you forget your calculator or what. Current prices are 478. The increase will be to 750. Now, using advanced math 478*3=1434. Going from 478 to 750 is not even doubling the price, but rather about a 64 percent increase.

That price is still fair, even 1000 each would not be out of line, considering the quality of the moose, sheep and goats Montana has.
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