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Monster Buck

I call BS !!!! Someone fill me in on this story... I've heard a few talking about it being carved from wood.. IS this that one ?

If this story has been covered already, POST a link. I've gotten more then a dozen E-mails over the last month asking me about it.. SOME even have a story that goes with it, one stated the guy is throwing it up in his Cabin...... HAHA !!!


~ Moosie
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~ Lighten up, have a "POP"....
FINALLY.. GOT the answer from a friend.. that posts on another forum...


All you have to do is ask someone who knows the truth.
This buck is a wood carving and a damb good one at that.
The only reason I know this is because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife contacted me about 8 months ago to ask me if I knew anything or had seen the buck, Which I didn't at the time. So a few months ago, when a wolf was shot, they called me again to come take a look at it. That is when I asked them if they had heard any more on this huge buck. That is when Officer Waland stated that it was a wood carving of the world record, only made bigger. I'd say someone has one heck of a talent. It looks pretty convincing in the picture. Once again rumors got the best of everybody.
That looks like a very good talent. I bet he could ask any thing he wants. Some of these lodges would probably pay it. He could do sheep and elk to..... :D Great story moosie..... :D :D

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